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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Nakesha The Lord of Heaven; Variant of Nakeisha Male Indian
Nakhat Fragrance. Female Arabic
Nakhat Fragrance Female Muslim
Nakhraj Moon Male Indian
Naki N/A Male Indian
Nakia Pure, faithful Female Arabic
Nakin One who Dwells in Heaven Male Indian
Nakini One who Dwells in Heaven Female Indian
Nakir Hateful Male Arabic
Nakir Hateful Male Indian
Nakisisa Child of the shadows Male African
Nakita Victory of the People; Unconquerable Female Indian
Nakkan N/A Male Indian
Nakkeeran Name of a Brave Poet Male Bengali
Nakkina N/A Male Indian
Nakkiran N/A Male Indian
Nakry night-blooming flower Female Cambodian
Naksatraraja King of Stars Male Indian
Naksh Feature Male Indian
Naksha Map Female Bengali
Naksha Map Female Indian
Nakshathra The Star Female Indian
Nakshatra Pearl Female Indian
Nakshatra star Male Bengali
Nakshatra Star Male Indian
Nakshita One with Beautiful Features Female Indian
Nakshthra Star Female Indian
Nakti Night Female Assemese
Nakti Night Female Indian
Nakul Male Hindu
Nakul Name of One of the Pandavas Male Indian
Nakula Goddess Parvati Female Indian
Nakula Mongoose Male Indian
Nal An Ancient King Male Indian
Nala Stem; Hollow Reed Female Indian
Nala Olive. Female Latin
Nala Stem; Hollow Reed Male Indian
Nalah Stem; Hollow Reed; To Make an End; To Make Complete Female Indian
Nalah Stem; Hollow Reed; To Make an End; To Make Complete Male Indian
Nalak A little boy who whole heartedly worshipper of lord Buddha Male Bengali
Nalaka At Nanital a Goddess in a Temple Female Indian
Nalaka N/A Male Indian
Nalakini Lotus Lake Female Indian
Nalakini N/A Male Indian
Nalan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Nalani clamness of the skies Female Hawaiian
Nalayini Special Female Indian
Naldo Strong. Male Spanish
Naldo Wise power. Male Teutonic
Nalesh King of Flowers Male Indian
Nalika Lotus Female Bengali
Nalika Lotus Female Hindi
Nalika Lotus Female Indian
Nalika Lotus Male Indian
Nalin Lotus Male Bengali
Nalin Lotus; Water Male Indian
Nalina Lotus Female Assemese
Nalina Lotus Female Indian
Nalinaksh Lotus-eyed Male Indian
Nalinaksha Lotus-eyed Female Indian
Nalinaksha Lotus-eyed Male Indian
Nalinee N/A Female Indian
Nalini Lotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri Female Bengali
Nalini Lotus Female Hindi
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