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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Naira Star Female Indian
Naira Shinning, glittering Female Muslim
Nairi land of rivers Female Armenian
Nairi country of rivers Male Armen
Nairit South West Male Bengali
Nairit South-west Male Indian
Nairita Coming from the Southwest Direction Female Indian
Nairiti Apsara Female Assemese
Nairiti Apsara Female Indian
Nairne from the narrow river glade Both Scottish
Nairne From the alder - tree river. Male Scottish
Naiser N/A Male Indian
Naisha Special Female Bengali
Naisha Special Female Hindi
Naisha Special Female Indian
Naishada Poetry Female Assemese
Naishada Poetry Female Indian
Naishadh King Nala; A Hero from the Mahabharata who was King of Nishadha Male Indian
Naishadha Poetry Female Indian
Naishadha Poetry Male Indian
Naishal Mountain Male Indian
Naishi Jewel Female Indian
Naitik Ethical Male Indian
Naitri Laxmi Female Indian
Naivadya Prasad Male Indian
Naivaidya Prasad Male Indian
Naivedhi Prasad Offered to God Female Indian
Naivy Blue Related Female Indian
Naiya Water or Boat Female Indian
Naiyah New Female Indian
Naiyah New Male Indian
Najaah Success Female Arabic
Najaah Success Female Assemese
Najaah Success Female Indian
Najaah Success Male Indian
Najaf City in iraq Female Arabic
Najaf City in iraq Female Muslim
Najaf N/A Male Indian
Najah Success, safety. Female Arabic
Najah Success, safety Female Muslim
Najah, Najaah Success Female Muslim
Najair Little Star. Male Arabic
Najair Little Star Male Muslim
Najam Star Male Arabic
Najam Star Male Muslim
Najat Safety Female Arabic
Najat Safety Female Bengali
Najat Safety Female Indian
Najat Safety Female Muslim
Najat Safety Male Indian
Najda Courage Female Arabic
Najdah Courage, bravery Female Arabic
Najdah Courage, bravery Female Muslim
Najeeb Of noble descent Male Arabic
Najeeb Of Noble Descent Male Indian
Najeeb Of noble birth Male Muslim
Najeeba Intelligent, excellent Female Arabic
Najeeba Of Noble Birth Female Indian
Najeed Highland Male Arabic
Najeed Highland Male Muslim
Naji Saved, Liberated, Safe. Male Afghan
Naji Safe Male Arabic
Naji Saved; Rescued; Close Friend; Survivor Male Indian
Naji Safe, survivor Male Muslim
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