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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi Male Indian -
Rajamani N/A Male Indian -
Rajammal N/A Female Indian -
Rajan king Male Filipino -
Rajan Male Hindu -
Rajan King Male Indian -
Rajan King. Raja is an Indian or Malay princely title; Raj means 'rule.'. Male Sanskrit -
Rajanaya Queen Female Indian -
Rajanaya N/A Male Indian -
Rajanee N/A Female Indian -
Rajaneesh God of Night; Moon Male Indian -
Rajangam N/A Male Indian -
Rajani Night Female Bengali -
Rajani Night Female Indian -
Rajani Male Hindu -
Rajani Night Male Indian -
Rajanigandha Scented Flower Female Indian -
Rajanikant Sun, Lord Of Night Male Bengali -
Rajanikant Male Hindu -
Rajanikant Moon; Lord of Night; Sun Male Indian -
Rajanikanta The Night's Beloved Male Indian -
Rajanil Royal Blue; Emerald Male Indian -
Rajanish The Moon Male Indian -
Rajanna Raj; Raja; The King Male Indian -
Rajanya Kingly Female Indian -
Rajanya Kingly Male Bengali -
Rajanya Kingly Male Indian -
Rajappa N/A Male Indian -
Rajaprakasam Night Male Indian -
Rajaram N/A Male Indian -
Rajarama N/A Male Indian -
Rajaramesh King of Earth Male Indian -
Rajarshi King's Sage Male Indian -
Rajas One of the Three Expression in Human Female Indian -
Rajas Mastery; Fame; Pride Male Bengali -
Rajas Mastery; Fame; Pride Male Indian -
Rajasekhar Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Rajashi Ever a King Female Indian -
Rajashi N/A Male Indian -
Rajashree Royalty Female Indian -
Rajashri Royalty Female Assemese -
Rajashri Royalty Female Indian -
Rajasi Goddesss Durga Female Assemese -
Rajasi Worthy of a King Female Indian -
Rajasi Full of Passion Male Indian -
Rajasri Grandeur Female Indian -
Rajasulokshana Night Female Indian -
Rajasuya N/A Female Indian -
Rajasuya N/A Male Indian -
Rajat Silver Male Indian -
Rajata Silver Female Bengali -
Rajata Silver Female Hindi -
Rajata Silver Female Indian -
Rajata Sovereignty Male Indian -
Rajatanabhi Very Rich; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Rajath Sliver Male Indian -
Rajathi Queen Female Indian -
Rajatshubhra White as Silver Male Indian -
Rajavardhana Courage Male Indian -
Rajavel Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Rajavelu N/A Male Indian -
Rajaveni N/A Female Indian -
Rajavi Royal Bird Female Indian -
Rajavi N/A Male Indian -
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