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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Talman to injure, to oppress Male Hebrew -
Talo House. Male Finnish -
Talon Both Unknown -
Talon Claw. Male English -
Talon Sharp. Male French -
Talor dew Female Hebrew -
Talorg Male Welsh -
Talos giant protector of Minos island Male Greek -
Talulah leaping water Female Filipino -
Talun Young; Youthful Male Indian -
Taluna Young; Wind Female Indian -
Talus Mechanical man made by Hephaestus. Male Greek -
Talvir N/A Male Indian -
Talwar Sword Male Indian -
Talya Dew of heaven Female Hebrew -
Talya Reach Bearer Female Indian -
Talyessin century Welsh bard and author of the Book of Taliesin. Handsome. Male Welsh -
Tam heart Female Vietnamese -
Tam Diminutive of Thomas: Twin. Male Aramaic -
Tam number eight Male Vietnamese -
Tama thunderbolt Female Native-American Tamah
Tama a jewel Male Japanese -
Tamadhur Proper Name Female Indian -
Tamadur Brilliant Female Arabic -
Tamadur Brilliant Female Muslim -
Tamaghna Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tamah Blotting or wiping out, smiting. Female Biblical -
Tamako precious stone Female Japanese -
Tamal dark tree Female Filipino -
Tamal A Tree With Very Dark Bark Male Assemese -
Tamal A Tree With Very Dark Bark Male Bengali -
Tamal A Tree with Very Dark Bark Male Indian -
Tamali Female Hindu -
Tamali A Tree with Very Dark Bark Female Indian -
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of Tamal Female Assemese -
Tamalika Belonging to a Place Full of Tamal Female Indian -
Tamam Generous Male Arabic -
Tamam Generous Male Indian -
Tamam Generous Male Muslim -
Tamana / Tamanna Desire, wish, request. Female Afghan -
Tamanka Lord of Earth Male Indian -
Tamann Desire Female Indian -
Tamanna Wish Female Hindi -
Tamanna Desire Female Indian -
Tamanna Wish, Desire Male Muslim -
Tamar Palm, palm-tree. Female Biblical -
Tamar Palm tree Female Hebrew -
Tamar Wealthy defender. Male Anglo -
Tamar From Tamar Male Indian -
Tamar, Tamara palm tree Female Filipino -
Tamara Date tree. Female Arabic -
Tamara Palm tree Female Hebrew -
Tamara palm tree, spice Female Hebrew, Sanskrit Tamarah, Tamar, Tamarind, Tamika, Tamary
Tamara Spice; Date Tree Female Indian -
Tamara Date tree Female Muslim -
Tamara N/A Male Indian -
Tamarah Palm tree Female Hebrew -
Tamarai Lotus Flower, Beautiful Female Assemese -
Tamarai Lotus Flower; Beautiful Female Indian -
TamaraiManalan Handsome Male Bengali -
Tamaria a form of Tamara Female Hebrew -
Tamarra a form of Tamara Female Hebrew -
Tamas Young Female Indian -
Tamas Twin Male Hebrew -
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