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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Talman to injure, to oppress Male Hebrew
Talo House. Male Finnish
Talon Both Unknown
Talon Claw. Male English
Talon Sharp. Male French
Talor dew Female Hebrew
Talorg Male Welsh
Talos giant protector of Minos island Male Greek
Talulah leaping water Female Filipino
Talun Young; Youthful Male Indian
Taluna Young; Wind Female Indian
Talus Mechanical man made by Hephaestus. Male Greek
Talvir N/A Male Indian
Talwar Sword Male Indian
Talya Dew of heaven Female Hebrew
Talya Reach Bearer Female Indian
Talyessin century Welsh bard and author of the Book of Taliesin. Handsome. Male Welsh
Tam heart Female Vietnamese
Tam Diminutive of Thomas: Twin. Male Aramaic
Tam number eight Male Vietnamese
Tama thunderbolt Female Native-American
Tama a jewel Male Japanese
Tamadhur Proper Name Female Indian
Tamadur Brilliant Female Arabic
Tamadur Brilliant Female Muslim
Tamaghna Lord Shiva Male Indian
Tamah Blotting or wiping out, smiting. Female Biblical
Tamako precious stone Female Japanese
Tamal dark tree Female Filipino
Tamal A Tree With Very Dark Bark Male Assemese
Tamal A Tree With Very Dark Bark Male Bengali
Tamal A Tree with Very Dark Bark Male Indian
Tamali Female Hindu
Tamali A Tree with Very Dark Bark Female Indian
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of Tamal Female Assemese
Tamalika Belonging to a Place Full of Tamal Female Indian
Tamam Generous Male Arabic
Tamam Generous Male Indian
Tamam Generous Male Muslim
Tamana / Tamanna Desire, wish, request. Female Afghan
Tamanka Lord of Earth Male Indian
Tamann Desire Female Indian
Tamanna Wish Female Hindi
Tamanna Desire Female Indian
Tamanna Wish, Desire Male Muslim
Tamar Palm, palm-tree. Female Biblical
Tamar Palm tree Female Hebrew
Tamar Wealthy defender. Male Anglo
Tamar From Tamar Male Indian
Tamar, Tamara palm tree Female Filipino
Tamara Date tree. Female Arabic
Tamara Palm tree Female Hebrew
Tamara palm tree, spice Female Hebrew, Sanskrit
Tamara Spice; Date Tree Female Indian
Tamara Date tree Female Muslim
Tamara N/A Male Indian
Tamarah Palm tree Female Hebrew
Tamarai Lotus Flower, Beautiful Female Assemese
Tamarai Lotus Flower; Beautiful Female Indian
TamaraiManalan Handsome Male Bengali
Tamaria a form of Tamara Female Hebrew
Tamarra a form of Tamara Female Hebrew
Tamas Young Female Indian
Tamas Twin Male Hebrew
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