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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vasag treacherous Male Armen -
Vasan Cloth Male Indian -
Vasana Goddess Durga Female Hindi -
Vasana Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Vasandr N/A Male Indian -
Vasant Spring Season Female Hindi -
Vasant VasanSpring (season) Male Bengali -
Vasant Male Hindu -
Vasant Vasant; Spring Season Male Indian -
Vasanta spring Female Assemese -
Vasanta Spring Female Hindi -
Vasanta spring Female Hindu -
Vasanta Spring Female Indian -
Vasanta Brilliant; Spring Male Indian -
Vasantabrabha Spring Blossom Female Indian -
Vasantadeva God of Spring Male Indian -
Vasantamalika Garland of Spring Male Indian -
Vasantaprabha Spring Blossom Female Assemese -
Vasantaprabha Spring Blossom Female Indian -
Vasanth Spring Male Indian -
Vasantha Goddess of Rain Female Indian -
Vasantha N/A Male Indian -
Vasanthadevi Form Female Indian -
Vasantham N/A Female Indian -
Vasanthan N/A Male Indian -
Vasanthi Of Spring Female Indian -
Vasanthi N/A Male Indian -
Vasanti Season; Spring; Yellow Female Hindi -
Vasanti Of Spring Female Indian -
Vasantika Goddess Of Spring Female Assemese -
Vasantika Goddess Of Spring Female Hindi -
Vasantika Goddess of Spring Female Indian -
Vasantraj King of Seasons Male Indian -
Vasapura N/A Male Indian -
Vasasi N/A Male Indian -
Vasati Dawn Female Indian -
Vasatika Morning Light Female Bengali -
Vasatika Morning Light Female Hindi -
Vasatika Morning Light Female Indian -
Vasav Lord Indra Male Indian -
Vasava Indra Male Bengali -
Vasava Indra Male Hindu -
Vasava Indra Male Indian -
Vasavaj Son of Indra Male Indian -
Vasavi Wife of Indra, Treasury Female Assemese -
Vasavi mentaldaughter of the Pitrs Female Hindu -
Vasavi Wife of Indra Female Indian -
Vasavi Son of Indra Male Indian -
Vasdev N/A Male Indian -
Vaseekaran Attractive Male Indian -
Vasek Victorious. Male Czechoslovakian -
Vasek Wreath of glory. Male Slavic -
Vasha Agree; Control Female Indian -
Vasha Agree; Control Male Indian -
Vashara N/A Male Indian -
Vashishka N/A Female Indian -
Vashisht Name of a Guru Male Indian -
Vashista Saptarishi Male Indian -
Vashisth N/A Male Indian -
Vashita One who Hypnotises by Her Virtues Male Indian -
Vashni The second, changed, a tooth. Female Biblical -
Vashnie A Beloved Blessing Female Indian -
Vashti That drinks, thread Female Biblical -
Vashti Lovely; Beautiful Female Indian -
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