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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vaclav more glory Male Unknown Vyacheslav
Vacuna Victory. Female Latin -
Vacya Blamed Female Indian -
Vada Female Unknown -
Vadakke N/A Male Indian -
Vadanya Generous; Eloquent Male Indian -
Vadde N/A Male Indian -
Vaddon From Bath. Male Welsh -
Vadeka N/A Male Indian -
Vadhana Face Female Indian -
Vadhu Daughter in Law Female Indian -
Vadim Male Russian Vadik, Wadim, Wadik
Vadin Speaker Male Indian -
Vadiraj King Among Disputants Male Indian -
Vadish Lord of the Body Male Indian -
Vadit Rose Female Hebrew -
Vadivambal N/A Female Indian -
Vadivazhagi Promise; Word Female Indian -
Vadivel Another name for God Murugan Male Bengali -
Vadivel Another Name for God Murugan Male Indian -
Vadivelan Another Name for God Murugan Male Indian -
Vadivelu Name of Lord Shanmukha Male Indian -
Vadivu Expressed Female Indian -
Vadivukarasi Queen of Beauty Female Assemese -
Vadivukarasi Queen of Beauty Female Bengali -
Vaduganathan Lord of the Body Male Indian -
Vaduli N/A Male Indian -
Vafa Fidelity. Male Afghan -
Vafara Brave. Female French -
Vagadevi Goddess of the Spoken Word Female Indian -
Vagadheeksha Lord of Spokesmen Male Indian -
Vagdevi Goddess Sarawati Female Indian -
Vageesh N/A Male Indian -
Vagesh Lord of Speech Male Indian -
Vageshwari Goddess of Speach Female Indian -
Vagindra Lord Of Speech Male Bengali -
Vagindra Lord of Speech Male Indian -
Vagini Good Speaker Female Indian -
Vagisa Master of Speech Male Indian -
Vagish Lord Brahma Male Indian -
Vagisha Goddess Saraswati Female Indian -
Vagisha Master of Speech Male Indian -
Vagishan Name of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vagishwar Master of the Language; Lord Brahma Male Indian -
Vagishwara The Lord of Vedic / Speech Male Indian -
Vagishwari Goddess Saraswati Female Bengali -
Vagishwari Goddess Saraswati Female Indian -
Vagisvari Goddess ofSpeach Female Indian -
Vagmi Name of God Vishnu or Good Speaker Female Indian -
Vagmi The Person who Blossomed Vedas Male Indian -
Vagmin Eloquent Male Indian -
Vagmine Spolesman Male Indian -
Vagula N/A Female Indian -
Vaguna N/A Female Indian -
Vahan shield Male Armen -
Vahe victor Male Armenian -
Vahid Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan -
Vahida Unique, Matchless. Female of Vahid. Female Afghan -
Vahin Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Vahin Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vahinar Drawn by Men Male Indian -
Vahini Flowing Female Assemese -
Vahini Flowing Female Indian -
Vahuk With Strong Arms Male Indian -
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