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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vrisha Cow Female Indian -
Vrishab Excellent Male Indian -
Vrishabh A rasi, star sign Male Bengali -
Vrishabh A Rasi; Star Sign Male Indian -
Vrishabhaanu father of Radha Male Assemese -
Vrishabhaanu Father of Radha Male Indian -
Vrishabhanu Father Of Radha Male Bengali -
Vrishag Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vrishak Another Name of Vishnu Male Indian -
Vrishali Karana's Wife in the Mahabharata Female Indian -
Vrishank Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vrishanku A Sage Male Indian -
Vrishika Scorpio Female Indian -
Vrishin Peacock Male Indian -
Vrishni Excellent Male Indian -
Vrishti Rain Female Assemese -
Vrishti Rain Female Bengali -
Vrishti Rain Female Hindi -
Vrishti Rain Female Indian -
Vrisini Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Vrisini Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vristi Rain; Shower Female Indian -
Vritee Nature; Behaviour Female Indian -
Vriteka Success in Life Female Indian -
Vritika Thought; Nature Female Assemese -
Vritika Thought; Nature Female Bengali -
Vritika Thought Female Hindi -
Vritika Thought Female Indian -
Vritika Thought Male Indian -
Vritikka Goddess Radha Female Indian -
Vritra A Demon Male Indian -
Vritt Firm Character Male Indian -
Vrittee Creative Female Indian -
Vritti Nature; Temperament Female Indian -
Vrka N/A Male Indian -
Vrkadevi N/A Male Indian -
Vromme Wise. Male Dutch -
Vruddhi Progress Female Indian -
Vrunda Basil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi Female Indian -
Vrusath Prosperity Male Assemese -
Vrusath Prosperity Male Indian -
Vrushabh Tauras; Scorpio Male Indian -
Vrushali Prosperity Female Indian -
Vrushik One Rashi Male Indian -
Vrushitha Prosperity Female Assemese -
Vrushitha Prosperity Female Indian -
Vrushket Son of Karna Male Indian -
Vrusti Heavy Rain Female Indian -
Vrutika N/A Female Indian -
Vruyk From the fortress. Male English -
Vsn Eych From the osk. Male Dutch -
Vsnderveer From the ferry. Male Dutch -
Vsndyke From the dike. Male Dutch -
VTronique Variant of Veronica: True image; honest image. Biblical - from the maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary. His likeness miraculously appeared on the handkerchief, thus she received her name. Female Latin -
Vuppula N/A Male Indian -
Vya The Arranger Female Indian -
Vyaapti Rain Female Indian -
Vyabhas To Illuminate Male Indian -
Vyacheslav Happiness; From the Forest Male Indian -
Vyacheslav Has glory. Male Russian -
Vyacheslav Glory. Male Slavic -
Vyaka River Female Bengali -
Vyaka River Female Indian -
Vyalar N/A Male Indian -
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