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Popular Baby Names starting with J for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Jaimica supplanter Female Spanish -
Jaimie I love Female French -
Jaimini An ancient philosopher,Lord Indra's daughter Female Assemese -
Jaimini Victory Female Indian -
Jaimol Beloved Girl Female Indian -
Jaimu N/A Female Indian -
Jaina Good Character Female Bengali -
Jaina Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. Variant of Joan. Female English -
Jaina Gift of God Female Hebrew -
Jaina good character Female Hindu -
Jaina Good Character Female Indian -
Jaine Gift of God Female Hebrew -
Jaini Gift from God Female Indian -
Jainisha Find Female Indian -
Jaione nativity Female Basque -
Jaipreet The Victory of Love Female Indian -
Jaipriya Beloved of Victory Female Indian -
Jairekha Beautiful Female Indian -
Jaishila Character of Victory Female Indian -
Jaishna N/A Female Indian -
Jaishree Honour of victory Female Assemese -
Jaishree Honour of Victory Female Indian -
Jaishwari N/A Female Indian -
Jaisnavi Goddess of victory Female Bengali -
Jaisnavi Goddess of Victory Female Indian -
Jaisri Honour of Victory Female Indian -
Jaisudha Nectar of victory Female Assemese -
Jaisudha Nectar of Victory Female Indian -
Jaisya N/A Female Indian -
Jaitashri Name of a Music Raaga Female Indian -
Jaivanti Long Lived; Being Victorious Female Indian -
Jaivati Bearer of Victory Female Indian -
Jaiwanti Victory Female Assemese -
Jaiwanti Victory Female Bengali -
Jaiwanti Victory Female Indian -
Jaiyana Strength Female Arabic -
Jaiyana Strength Female Muslim -
Jaji The Sea Female Indian -
Jajwalya Brightness of Flames from Yagna; Goddess Andal Female Indian -
Jakim Rising, confirming, establishing. Female Biblical -
Jakinda hyacinth Female Basque -
Jaklyn Abbreviation of Jaqueline which is the feminine of Jacques. Female English -
Jakoba Feminine form of Jakoh. Female German -
Jakoba Supplanter Female Hebrew -
Jakobah Supplanter Female Hebrew -
Jakobe Feminine form of Jakoh. Female German -
Jakobie Feminine form of Jakoh. Female German -
Jakshani God Name Female Indian -
Jala charity Female Arabic -
Jala Clarity; Elucidation Female Indian -
Jala Clarity, elucidation Female Muslim -
Jalabala A River Female Indian -
Jalabalika Daughter of the Waters Female Indian -
Jaladhi Treasure of water Female Assemese -
Jaladhi Treasure of water Female Bengali -
Jaladhi Treasure of Water Female Indian -
Jaladhija Lakshmi Female Hindi -
Jaladhija Lakshmi Female Indian -
Jalahasini Smile of water Female Assemese -
Jalahasini Smile of Water Female Indian -
Jalaj Lotus Female Indian -
Jalaja Lotus Female Bengali -
Jalaja Goddess Of Wealth, Laxmi, Lotus Female Hindi -
Jalaja Lotus Female Indian -
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