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Popular Baby Names starting with L for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Lalita Beautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga Female Bengali
Lalita Female Hindu
Lalita Beautiful Woman; Variety; Beauty Female Indian
Lalitambika Lovely and Gentle Mother Female Indian
Lalitamohana Attractive, Beautiful Female Assemese
Lalitha A Woman; A Form of Durga Female Indian
Lalithabai Ardent Desire Female Indian
Lalithadevi Darling Girl Female Indian
Lalithakumari Wife of Vishnu Female Indian
Lalithamani Variety; Beauty Female Indian
Lalithambigai Fine Arts Female Indian
Lalithamohini Beautiful; Attractive Female Indian
Lalithkala N/A Female Indian
Lalitkala Nurturing Female Indian
Lalitya Loveliness; Charm Female Indian
Lally Diminutive of Laura: Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory). Female Latin
Lalo to sing a lullaby Female Latin
Lama Darkness of lips Female Arabic
Lama Darkness of Lips Female Indian
Lama Darkness of lips Female Muslim
Lamah Brilliancy Female Arabic
Lamah Brilliancy Female Muslim
Lamai soft Female Thai
Laman Shine, luminescence Female Arabic
Lamanya N/A Female Indian
Lamees Soft to the touch Female Arabic
Lamees Soft to the Touch Female Indian
Lamees Pure silk Female Muslim
Lamha Time Female Indian
Lamia An evil spirit who abducts and murders children. Female Greek
Lamia Daughter of Poseidon. Female Latin
Lamiah Shine Female Arabic
Lamiah Shine Female Muslim
Lamika N/A Female Indian
Lamis Soft Female Arabic
Lamis, Lamees Soft to the touch Female Muslim
Lamisa Soft to the touch Female Arabic
Lamisah Soft to the touch. Female Arabic
Lamisah Soft to the touch Female Muslim
Lamiya Dark lipped Female Arabic
Lamiyah Lustrous Female Indian
Lamp Jyotibala Female Indian
Lampeto An Amazon. Female Latin
Lamya Of dark lips Female Arabic
Lamya Dark-lipped Female Indian
Lamya Of dark lips Female Muslim
Lamya, Lamya Of dark lips Female Muslim
Lamyaviti N/A Female Indian
Lan orchid Female Chinese
Lan flower name Female Vietnamese
Lana Wool Female Arabic
Lana Abbreviation of Alana. Fair; good-looking. Female English
Lana Diminutive of Alana: This name of uncertain origin may be a feminine form of Man, or derived from the Irish Gaelic word for 'child'. Female Gaelic
Lana Light. Female Greek
Lana Afloat; calm as still waters. Female Hawaiian
Lana Buoyant or Float Female Indian
Lana to be gentle, soft, tender Female Muslim
Lana to float Female Polynesian
Landra 'Counselor.' Abbreviation of Landrada. Female German
Lanette Variant of Lana. Fair; good-looking. Female English
Lanette Female Unknown
Laney Path; roadway. Variant of surnames Lane and Laine. Female English
Lang sweet potato Female Vietnamese
Lani heaven, chief Female Filipino
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