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Popular Baby Names starting with R for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
R&eacent;va Female Unknown
Ra Doe. Female English
Raaadhika Love of Krishna Female Indian
Raadhaa Radha; Krishna's Beloved Female Indian
Raadhika Krishna's Girlfriend Female Indian
Raadhiya Lover of Krishna; Satisfied Female Indian
Raaga Belongs to Music Terms Female Indian
Raagini Music Female Indian
Raahi Good Companion Female Indian
Raaida Leader Female Indian
Raaisha Leader; Goddess Female Indian
Raaka Full moon Female Assemese
Raaka Full moon Female Bengali
Raaka Full Moon Female Indian
Raakhee N/A Female Indian
Raakhi symbol of protection Female Assemese
Raakhi symbol of protection Female Bengali
Raakhi Symbol of Protection; Full Moon in the Sravan Month Female Indian
Raakin Respectful Female Indian
Raameen Obedient Female Arabic
Raameen Obedient Female Muslim
Raamiah Thunder, or evil, from the Lord. Female Biblical
Raanana Fresh Female Hebrew
Raashi Sign of the Zodiac Female Indian
Raatri Night Female Indian
Raavee Awesome Female Indian
Raavi A River Female Indian
Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry Female Arabic
Raawiya Transmitter Female Indian
Rabab White clouds Female Arabic
Rabab White Cloud Female Indian
Rabab White cloud Female Muslim
Rabah Fourth born Female Hebrew
Rabail A veil of flowers Female Arabic
Rabani Divine Female Indian
Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season Female Arabic
Rabecca a form of Rebecca Female Hebrew
Rabeea Springtime, garden Female Arabic
Rabeea Garden Female Bengali
Rabeea Garden Female Indian
Rabeea Springtime, garden Female Muslim
Rabeeha Gainful Female Arabic
Rabhya Worshipped Female Assemese
Rabhya Worshipped Female Hindi
Rabhya Worshipped Female Indian
Rabia Historical name Female Arabic
Rabia Famous; Godly Female Indian
Rabia Spring, Springtime Female Muslim
Rabia / Rabea Spring. Female Afghan
Rabiah Spring breeze Female African
Rabiah Born in the spring. Female Egyptian
Rabiah, Rabeea Garden, springtime Female Muslim
Rabitah Bond, tie Female Arabic
Rabitah Bond, tie Female Muslim
Rabiya Princess, Queen Female Arabic
Rabiya Princess, Queen Female Muslim
Rabiyah Hill Female Arabic
Rabiyah Hill Female Muslim
Raca Worthless, good-for-nothing. Female Biblical
Rach ewe Female Filipino
Rachael a form of Rachel Female Hebrew
Rachael Ewe Female Indian
Rachael, Rachel ewe Female Filipino
Rachal a form of Rachel Female Hebrew
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