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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ya akove Replaces Female Hebrew -
Ya Chai sweetheart Female Thai -
Ya el Goat Female Hebrew -
Yaa Born on Thursday Female African -
Yaachana Prayer Female Indian -
Yaadave Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Yaagnya Beauty Female Indian -
Yaagyasenee Pretty; Beautiful Female Indian -
Yaalini Melodious Female Indian -
Yaalisai Melodious Female Assemese -
Yaalisai Melodious Female Indian -
Yaallini Melodious Female Indian -
Yaamoli Melodious Female Bengali -
Yaamoli Melodious Female Indian -
Yabel Lovable. Female Latin -
Yachana Pleading Female Indian -
Yachi eight thousand Female Filipino -
Yachna Sing; Prathna Female Indian -
Yachne gracious Female Hebrew -
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Assemese -
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Hindi -
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Yadhana Smile Female Indian -
Yadira friend Female Hebrew -
Yadita Lord of Night Female Indian -
Yadleen One Absorbed in God's Remembrance Female Indian -
Yadnysena Name of Dropadi Female Indian -
Yadva Intelligence, Perception, mind Female Bengali -
Yadva Mind; Intelligence Female Indian -
Yael mountain goat Female Filipino -
Yael Mountain goat Female Hebrew -
Yaffa Beautiful Female Hebrew -
Yaffit Beautiful Female Hebrew -
Yafia High, lofty Female Arabic -
Yafiah High Female Arabic -
Yafiah High Female Indian -
Yafiah High Female Muslim -
Yagana Unique, single, one, only. Female Afghan -
Yaganya Sacred Fire Female Indian -
Yagavi Bright Female Indian -
Yagavi/yahavi Bright Female Assemese -
Yagnitha Worship Female Indian -
Yagnya Durga Devi Female Indian -
Yahaira a form of Yakira Female Hebrew -
Yahavi Bright Female Indian -
Yahvi Heaven; Earth Female Hindi -
Yahvi Heaven; Earth Female Indian -
Yaiiua Bright; Youthful Female Indian -
Yaja Worshipper; Pries-tress Female Indian -
Yajah Devotee Female Indian -
Yajaira a form of Yakira Female Hebrew -
Yajna Worship Female Indian -
Yajushi N/A Female Indian -
Yakira precious; dear Female Hebrew -
Yakksheeta Permanent; Who is Made Forever Female Indian -
Yakootah Emerald Female Arabic -
Yakootah Emerald Female Assemese -
Yakootah Emerald Female Indian -
Yakootah Emerald Female Muslim -
Yaksha Sister Of Daksha Female Bengali -
Yaksha a sister of Daksha Female Hindu -
Yaksha Sister of Daksha Female Indian -
Yakshini Attendants of Durga Female Indian -
Yakshita Wonder Girl Female Indian -
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