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Popular Baby Names starting with H for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hakim Brother Male Muslim -
Hakim / Hakeem Sage, Philosopher, Doctor. Male Afghan -
Hakim / Hakeem Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities Male Muslim -
Hakizimana God saves. Male Egyptian -
Hakkatan Little. Male Biblical -
Hakkoz A thorn, summer, an end. Male Biblical -
Hakon Of the chosen. Male Norse -
Hakon High-born. Male Scandinavian -
Hakue Pure Blessing Male Indian -
Hakupha A commandment of the mouth. Male Biblical -
Hal A nickname for Henry 'Rules his household.'. Male English -
Hal Diminutive of Henry: Home or House Ruler. Male German -
Hal War chief. Male Norse -
Hal 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Nickname of Henry, Prince of Wales and son to King Henry the Fourth. Hal becomes Henry, and King at the end of Part 2. King in King Henry V Male Shakespearean -
Hal Mighty in war. Male Teutonic -
Hala Halo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling Male Indian -
Halabhrt Carrying a Plough; Another Name for Krisna's Brother Balarama Male Indian -
Halah A moist table. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Halak Part. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Halayudha Weaponed with a Plough Male Indian -
Halbart Brilliant hero. Male English -
Halbert Brilliant hero. Male English -
Halbert Shining jewel. Male Teutonic -
Halburt Brilliant hero. Male English -
Haldan Half Dane. Male Teutonic -
Haldane From Denmark. Male English -
Halden From Denmark. Male English -
Halden Half Dane. Male Norse -
Halden half Dane Male Teutonic -
Hale Lives in the hall. Male English -
Hale Hall. Male Swedish -
Hale Robust. Male Teutonic -
Halebeorht Brilliant hero. Male English -
Haleef Ally, confederate Male Arabic -
Haleef Ally, confederate Male Muslim -
Haleem Patient Male Arabic -
Haleem Lord of Sound Male Indian -
Haleem Patient Male Muslim -
Halen Hall. Male Swedish -
Haley Ingenious Male Irish -
Halford From the hall by the ford. Male English -
Halhul Grief, looking for grief. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hali Sickness, a beginning, a precious stone. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hali Sea. Male Greek -
Halian of Julius Male Zuni Indian -
Halig Lonely. Male Anglo -
Haligwiella Lives by the holy spring. Male English -
Halil Male Turkish -
Halim Mild, gentle, patient Male Arabic -
Halim Gentle; Generous; Compassionate; Composed; Tranquil; Mild; Patient Male Indian -
Halim Mild, gentle, patient Male Muslim -
Halim / Haleem Meek, forbearing. Male Afghan -
Halima N/A Male Indian -
Halimaka Poison Spewing Male Indian -
Halin Ploughman Male Indian -
Halirrhothius Son of Poseidon. Male Greek -
Halithersis Seer who warns Penelope's suitors. Male Greek -
Halklel Brother of Ketilbjorn. Male Norse -
Hall That which is covered Male Anglo -
Hall From the manor. Male English -
Hall Son of Helgi the Godless. Male Norse -
Hallaj Cotton ginner Male Arabic -
Hallaj Cotton ginner Male Muslim -
Hallam Lives at the hall's slopes. Male English -
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