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Popular Baby Names starting with R for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Raheel One who Shows the Way Male Indian -
Raheel One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave Male Muslim -
Raheem compassionate Male Arabic -
Raheem compassionate Male Filipino -
Raheem Merciful Male Indian -
Raheesh Leader ChiefRich Male Arabic -
Raheesh Leader, Chief, Rich Male Muslim -
Rahesha N/A Male Indian -
Rahi Traveller Male Bengali -
Rahi Traveller Male Indian -
Rahil Path guider Male Arabic -
Rahil Traveller Male Indian -
Rahil Path guider Male Muslim -
Rahim Merciful, Compassionate. Male Afghan -
Rahim Kind hearted Male Arabic -
Rahim Another Name for God Male Indian -
Rahim Merciful Male Muslim -
Rahinish N/A Male Indian -
Rahmaan N/A Male Indian -
Rahman The most Gracious. Male Afghan -
Rahman 55th Surah of the Quran; affectionate Male Arabic -
Rahman Merciful Male Indian -
Rahman Compassionate, merciful; referring to qualities of God listed in the Quran Male Muslim -
Rahmat Mercy, commiseration, pardon,grace, blessing. Male Afghan -
Rahmat Mercy Male Arabic -
Rahmat Mercy Male Muslim -
RahmatUallah Mercy of God. Male Afghan -
Rahoul N/A Male Indian -
Rahual N/A Male Indian -
Rahul Male Hindu -
Rahul Efficient; Conqueror of Miseries Male Indian -
Rahulaka N/A Male Indian -
Rai Abbreviation of Raimundo. Male Spanish -
Raibeart Gaelic form of Robert. Male Gaelic -
Raibert Bright fame. Male Teutonic -
Raibhya N/A Male Indian -
Raid Leader Male Arabic -
Raid Leader Male Muslim -
Raidon thunder God Male Japanese -
Raif Merciful, gentle Male Muslim -
Raihan A kind of Flower in Heaven Male Muslim -
Raimond Guards wisely. Male French -
Raimond Guards wisely. Male German -
Raimondo Italian form of Raymond 'mighty protector'. Male Italian -
Raimondo Wise protector. Male Teutonic -
Raimund Wise protector. Male Teutonic -
Raimundo Guards wisely. Male French -
Raimundo Guards wisely. Male German -
Raimundo Wise defender. Male Spanish -
Raimundo Wise protector. Male Teutonic -
Rainart Strong judgment. Male German -
Rainer army counsel Male Filipino -
Rainer Strong counselor. Male German -
Rainer Warrior from the gods. Male Norse -
Rainer Strong counselor. Male Scandinavian -
Rainger Ward of the forest. Male French -
Rainhard Strong judgment. Male German -
Rainier Strong counselor. Male French -
Rainier ruler Male Latin Rainer, Raner
Rainor Strong counselor. Male German -
Rainor Strong counselor. Male Scandinavian -
Rainsey rays of the sun Male Cambodian -
Rais Chief Male Arabic -
Rais leader, chief Male Filipino -
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