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Popular Baby Names starting with T for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp Male Muslim -
Tajamul Luxury, articles of luxury, articles de luxe. Male Afghan -
Tajana N/A Male Indian -
TajBakhsh Crown division. Male Afghan -
Tajdar Crowned Male Indian -
Tajei Spear of Thor. Male Norse -
Tajender God of Grandeur Male Indian -
Tajh N/A Male Indian -
Tajim Respect Male Arabic -
Tajim Respect Male Indian -
Tajo day Male Spanish -
Tajo Day. Male Teutonic -
Tajshak N/A Male Indian -
TajUdin Crown of the religion. Male Afghan -
Tajudinn Crown of religion. Male Arabic -
Tajudinn Crown of religion Male Muslim -
Takahiro abundantly filial Male Japanese -
Takai Male Japanese -
Takdeer Of Great Fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck Male Indian -
Takeo warrior Male Japanese -
Takhat Royal Thorn; Master of Empire Male Indian -
Takhvinder Lord of Empire Male Indian -
Takis All holy. Male Greek -
Takiyo great light Male Japanese -
Takoda Friend to everyone (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Taksa A Son Of Bharata Male Bengali -
Taksa a son of Bharata Male Hindu -
Taksa Son of Bharata Male Indian -
Taksaka Cutter; Carpenter Male Indian -
Taksha King Bharat's Son Male Indian -
Takshak A Cobra Male Indian -
Takshaka Carpenter Male Indian -
Taksheel Someone With A Strong Character Male Bengali -
Taksheel A Strong Character Male Indian -
Taksony well fed, content, merciless, wild Male Hungarian -
Taku Male Japanese -
Takul Strong; Good Nature Male Indian -
Takvor crowned Male Armen -
Tal Tall. Male English -
Tal Dew. Male Israeli -
Tala Bottom Male Indian -
Taladhvaja Palm Bannered Male Indian -
Talajangha With Legs as Long as a Palm Tree Male Indian -
Talak To Release Male Indian -
Talaketu Bhishma Pitamaha Male Assemese -
Talaketu Bhishma Male Indian -
Talakya N/A Male Indian -
Talal Nice admirable Male Arabic -
Talal Nice; Admirable Male Indian -
Talal Nice, admirable Male Muslim -
Talank Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Talank Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Talat Countenance. Male Arabic -
Talat Prayer Male Indian -
Talat Countenance Male Muslim -
Talavali N/A Male Indian -
Talbert Tall. Variant of Tal. Surname. Male English -
Talbot Tall. Variant of Tal. Surname. Male English -
Talbot Bloodhound. Male French -
Talbot reward Male Old-French Tally, Tallie
Talbot 'Henry VI, Part 1' Lord Talbot, afterwards Earl of Shrewsbury. Male Shakespearean -
Talbott Tall. Variant of Tal. Surname. Male English -
Talehot Bloodhound. Male French -
Talford Tall. Variant of Tal. Surname. Male English -
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