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Popular Baby Names for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yayin Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yazan Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Yazan Od Arabic name Male Muslim -
Yazat Another Name of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yazeed To increase; Grow; Enhance Male Arabic -
Yazeed To Increase; Grow; Enhance Male Indian -
Yazhini An Instrument Male Indian -
Yazid To become greater Male African -
Yazid Male Arabic -
Yazid Increase; Abundance Male Indian -
Yazid, Yazeed God will increase, enhance Male Muslim -
Ye bright Male Chinese -
Yedhant Brightness Male Indian -
Yedhu N/A Male Indian -
Yedidiah Beloved of God Male Hebrew -
Yedidya a form of Jedidiah Male Hebrew -
Yedidyah Beloved by God Male Hebrew -
Yeeshai Rich gift Male Hebrew -
Yegharaj He is the Only King Male Indian -
Yehoash Gift from God Male Hebrew -
Yehonadov Gift from God Male Hebrew -
Yehor Farmer. Male Greek -
Yehoyakem a form of Joachim Male Hebrew -
Yehoyakim God will establish Male Hebrew -
Yehuda Praised Male Hebrew -
Yehudah a form of Yehudi Male Hebrew -
Yehudi praise god, a man from Judah, a jew Male Hebrew Yehuda
Yehudi Praise. Male Yiddish -
Yehudi A Man from Judah; A Jew; Praise of the Lord Male Indian -
Yekath N/A Male Indian -
Yekaveer N/A Male Indian -
Yekshit Finisher Male Indian -
Yeluri Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yener Male Turkish -
Yenge N/A Male Indian -
Yeo mildness Male Korean -
Yeoman Retainer. Male English -
Yerachmiel Loves God Male Hebrew -
Yered N/A Male Indian -
Yeriel N/A Male Indian -
Yeriel God has taught me Male Filipino -
Yerik appointed by God Male Russian -
Yerrappa Red Man Male Indian -
Yerucham Beloved by God Male Hebrew -
Yervant an Armenian king Male Armenian -
Yervant king; ruler Male Armen -
Yesh Glory Male Indian -
Yesh Glory Male Hindu -
Yesha Fame Male Indian -
Yeshas N/A Male Indian -
Yeshaya Male Hebrew -
Yeshonath Famous Male Hindu -
Yeshurun right way Male Hebrew -
Yeshwant Success Male Indian -
Yeshwanth A Person who Attains Fame and Glory Male Indian -
Yestin N/A Male Indian -
Yestin just Male Filipino -
Yesudas Son of Lord Yesu Male Indian -
Yesurasa N/A Male Indian -
Yetharth Possibility Male Indian -
Yeudiel I give thanks to God Male Hebrew -
Yevhen Noble. Male Ukrainian -
Yevheniy Noble. Male Ukrainian -
Yi firm and resolute Male Chinese -
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