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Popular Baby Names for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yogine Saint; A Name for Lord Hanuman Male Indian -
Yogini Lover of Yogas; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Yogiraj Great Ascetic, Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Yogiraj Great Ascetic; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yogisa Master of Yoga Practitioners Male Indian -
Yogish Male Hindu -
Yogish N/A Male Indian -
Yogisha Master of Yoga Practitioners Male Indian -
Yogit Planner Male Indian -
Yograj Yoga King Male Indian -
Yoichi masculine first (son) Male Japanese -
Yojit Planner Male Assemese -
Yojit Planner Male Indian -
Yokanathan Devotee Male Indian -
Yoko Good; Positive Male Indian -
Yoman Retainer. Male English -
Yon lotus blossom Male Korean -
Yonah a form of Jonah Male Hebrew -
Yonas Dove Male African -
Yonatan Given by God Male Hebrew -
Yong brave Male Chinese -
Yong brave or perpetual Male Korean -
Yong-sun dragon in first position Male Korean -
Yongnian eternal years Male Chinese -
Yongrui forever lucky Male Chinese -
Yonis a form of Yonus Male Hebrew -
Yonos / Yones / Younos Jonah, A prophet. Male Afghan -
Yonus dove Male Hebrew -
Yoonus Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yooseph Male Unknown -
Yooseph N/A Male Indian -
Yoosuf Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yoram God is high Male Hebrew -
Yorath Worthy lord. Male Welsh -
Yori dependence Male Japanese -
Yorick farmer Male Filipino -
York From the bear estate. Male English -
York yew tree, from the farm of yew trees Male Old-English, Celtic Yorick
York Henry V and VI: Richard Plantagenet, later Duke of York. His son, Richard. 'Henry IV, 1' Richard Scroop, Archbishop of York. Sir Richard Vernon. 'Richard II' The king. Richard, Duke of York, Edward IV's son. 'Richard III' Archbishop of York. Male Shakespearean -
York Yew tree. Male Celtic -
York from the town of Eburos Male Filipino -
York Archibald 1' Earl of March. Scroop 'King Henry IV, Part 1' The Earl of Male Shakespearean -
Yosef he will increase Male Hebrew -
Yosef Form of Joseph; God Adds; Son of Jacob and Rachel Male Indian -
Yosef, Yosefu God will add Male Filipino -
Yoseppu N/A Male Indian -
Yoshi better, best Male Japanese -
Yoshi Better; Best Male Indian -
Yoshifumi Male Japanese -
Yoshikazu good and harmonious Male Japanese -
Yoshimitsu Male Japanese -
Yoshino N/A Male Indian -
Yoshinori righteous principles Male Japanese -
Yoshito good and lucky man Male Japanese -
Yoshiyuki Male Japanese -
Yosu a form of Jesus Male Hebrew -
Yotikra N/A Male Indian -
Yotu Purifying Male Indian -
You friend Male Chinese -
Young forever; unchanging Male Korean -
Young-Jae mountains of prosperity Male Korean -
Young-Soo keeping prosperity Male Korean -
Youseef a form of Joseph Male Hebrew -
Yousef a form of Joseph Male Hebrew -
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