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Popular Baby Names for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Zephyr wind Male Greek Zephirin
Zerach light Male Hebrew -
Zereen Golden Male Indian -
Zeren Male Turkish -
Zerind Serb Male Hungarian -
Zero seeds Male Greek -
Zesiro First born of twins Male African -
Zetes Son of Boreas. Male Greek -
Zeth investigator, researcher Male Greek Zeticus, Zetico
Zethan shining Male Hebrew -
Zeus God Male Indian -
Zeus a god Male Filipino -
Zev Deer; Wolf Male Indian -
Zev Wolf Male Hebrew -
Zev deer, wolf Male Hebrew, Hindu Zvi, Zevie, Zivia, Ziva, Zeva
Zeven Independent; Identical Male Indian -
Zevesh Strong; Powerful Male Indian -
Zevie Deer; Wolf Male Indian -
Zevulun Habitation Male Hebrew -
Zeyad Prince the honest and kind. Peace and truth Male Arabic -
Zhenechka Noble. Male Russian -
Zhengsheng may the government rise Male Chinese -
Zhensheng may the government rise Male Chinese -
Zhenya Noble. Male Russian -
Zhiqiang will is strong Male Chinese -
Zhong loyal; steadfast Male Chinese -
Zhorah Farmer. Male Russian -
Zhyuan ambition Male Chinese -
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour. Male Afghan -
Zia Light; Splendor; Enlightened; Grain Male Indian -
Zia trembling; moving Male Hebrew -
Zia Light Male Arabic -
Ziad ziyaad popular Arab name Male Arabic -
Ziad, Ziyad Super abundance Male Muslim -
Zian self peace Male Chinese -
Ziare N/A Male Indian -
Ziaud Splendor light Male Arabic -
Ziaud Splendor, light Male Muslim -
ZiaUdin Light of the religion. Male Afghan -
ZiaUlhaq Light of the Truth. Male Afghan -
ZiaulHaq Light of Truth Male Arabic -
Ziff wolf Male Hebrew -
Ziggy diminutive form of Sigmund Male Filipino -
Zigor Punishes. Male Basque -
Zihao son heroic Male Chinese -
Zikomo Thank you Male African -
Zikomo Thanksgiving Male Indian -
Zikr Another name for the Quran; reminder Male Arabic -
Zila Shadow or Shade Male Indian -
Zimaan Respected for Every One Male Indian -
Zimon a form of Simon Male Hebrew -
Zimri My song Male Hebrew -
Zinan second-born son Male Japanese -
Zindel Defender of man. Male Yiddish -
Zion Sign Male Indian -
Zion a sign Male Hebrew -
Zishan Peaceful Male Arabic -
Ziskind sweet child Male Hebrew -
Zisyarupin Having the Appearance of a Scholar Male Indian -
Zitien Little Shinning Spark Male Indian -
Zitin Brightly Shining Star Male Indian -
Ziv Lively. Male Slavic -
Ziv very bright Male Hebrew -
Ziva Brillance; Brightness; A Glow; Splendor Male Indian -
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