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Popular Baby Names, origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Akanke To know her is to love her Female African -
Akanni Profitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth (Nigerian). Male African -
Akiiki Friend. (Ugandan). Male African -
Akilah Intelligent Female African -
Akili Bright. Smart. (Tanzanian). Female African -
Akinlabi We have a boy. (Nigerian). Male African -
Akinlana Brave (Nigerian). Male African -
Akins Brave boy Male African -
Akono My turn. (Nigerian). Male African -
Akosua Born on Sunday Female African -
Akua Born on Wednesday Female African -
Akua Ghanian name for one born on Thursday. Male African -
Akwete First born of twins Female African -
Akwetee Ghanian name for the second twin born. Male African -
Akwokwo Younger of twins Female African -
Akwtee Younger of twins Male African -
Alaba Second child born after twins Female African -
Alake One to be petted and fussed over Female African -
Ali Exalted Male African -
Alika Most beautiful. (Nigerian). Female African -
Alile She weeps Female African -
Aluna Come here Female African -
Ama Saturday's child. (Ghanese). Female African -
Amadi Rejoicing. (Nigerian). Female African -
Amadi Nigerian name meaning 'fated to die at birth'. Male African -
Ambonisye Tanzianian name meaning 'God rewards me'. Male African -
Ameena Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African -
Ameenah Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African -
Ami Saturday's child. (Ghanese). Female African -
Amina Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African -
Aminah Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African -
Amineh Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African -
Anane Ghanian name given to the fourth son born. Male African -
Andwele Tanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'. Male African -
Aniweta Nigerian name meaning 'brought by a spirit'. Male African -
Anum Ghanian name given to the fifth born child. Male African -
Apara Nigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'. Male African -
Aren Eagle. (Nigerian). Male African -
Asabi She is of choice birth Female African -
Asha To live Female African -
Ashia Hope. Mythology: the wife of a Hindu demigod. (Somali). Female African -
Asim Protector Male African -
Aswad Black Male African -
Asya Born during a time of grief Female African -
Ata Ghanian name given to the first-born twin. Male African -
Atsu Ghanian name given to the second-born twin. Male African -
Atu Ghanian name given to a boy born on Saturday. Male African -
Atuanya A surprise; unexpected. (Nigerian). Male African -
Ayize Let it come. (Zulu). Male African -
Ayo Nigerian name meaning 'happiness'. Male African -
Ayobami I am blessed with you Female African -
Ayobunmi Joy is given to me Female African -
Ayodele Joy comes home Female African -
Ayofemi Joy likes me Female African -
Ayoluwa Joy of the people Female African -
Ayoola Joy is wealth Female African -
Azi Nigerian name meaning 'youth'. Male African -
Aziza Precious. (Swahili). Female African -
Azizi Precious Male African -
Baako first born Female African -
Baba Born on Thursday Female African -
Babafemi Nigerian for 'my father loves me'. Male African -
Baderinwa Worthy of respect Female African -
Badru Born between full moons Male African -
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