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Popular Baby Names , origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Akanke To know her is to love her Female African
Akanni Profitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth (Nigerian). Male African
Akiiki Friend. (Ugandan). Male African
Akilah Intelligent Female African
Akili Bright. Smart. (Tanzanian). Female African
Akinlabi We have a boy. (Nigerian). Male African
Akinlana Brave (Nigerian). Male African
Akins Brave boy Male African
Akono My turn. (Nigerian). Male African
Akosua Born on Sunday Female African
Akua Born on Wednesday Female African
Akua Ghanian name for one born on Thursday. Male African
Akwete First born of twins Female African
Akwetee Ghanian name for the second twin born. Male African
Akwokwo Younger of twins Female African
Akwtee Younger of twins Male African
Alaba Second child born after twins Female African
Alake One to be petted and fussed over Female African
Ali Exalted Male African
Alika Most beautiful. (Nigerian). Female African
Alile She weeps Female African
Aluna Come here Female African
Ama Saturday's child. (Ghanese). Female African
Amadi Rejoicing. (Nigerian). Female African
Amadi Nigerian name meaning 'fated to die at birth'. Male African
Ambonisye Tanzianian name meaning 'God rewards me'. Male African
Ameena Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African
Ameenah Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African
Ami Saturday's child. (Ghanese). Female African
Amina Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African
Aminah Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African
Amineh Trustworthy. (Swahili). Female African
Anane Ghanian name given to the fourth son born. Male African
Andwele Tanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'. Male African
Aniweta Nigerian name meaning 'brought by a spirit'. Male African
Anum Ghanian name given to the fifth born child. Male African
Apara Nigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'. Male African
Aren Eagle. (Nigerian). Male African
Asabi She is of choice birth Female African
Asha To live Female African
Ashia Hope. Mythology: the wife of a Hindu demigod. (Somali). Female African
Asim Protector Male African
Aswad Black Male African
Asya Born during a time of grief Female African
Ata Ghanian name given to the first-born twin. Male African
Atsu Ghanian name given to the second-born twin. Male African
Atu Ghanian name given to a boy born on Saturday. Male African
Atuanya A surprise; unexpected. (Nigerian). Male African
Ayize Let it come. (Zulu). Male African
Ayo Nigerian name meaning 'happiness'. Male African
Ayobami I am blessed with you Female African
Ayobunmi Joy is given to me Female African
Ayodele Joy comes home Female African
Ayofemi Joy likes me Female African
Ayoluwa Joy of the people Female African
Ayoola Joy is wealth Female African
Azi Nigerian name meaning 'youth'. Male African
Aziza Precious. (Swahili). Female African
Azizi Precious Male African
Baako first born Female African
Baba Born on Thursday Female African
Babafemi Nigerian for 'my father loves me'. Male African
Baderinwa Worthy of respect Female African
Badru Born between full moons Male African
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