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Popular Baby Names, origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Dulani Malawian name meaning 'cutting'. Male African -
Dumaka Nigerian name meaning 'help out'. Male African -
Dziko The world Female African -
Ebere mercy Female African -
Ebo Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday. Male African -
Ebun Gift Female African -
Efia Born on Friday Female African -
Ehioze Nigerian name meaning 'not jealous'. Male African -
Ekon Strong. (Nigerian). Male African -
Enam Ghanian name meaning 'gift from God'. Male African -
Enomwoyi Graceful one Female African -
Enyonyam It is good for me Female African -
Eshe Life Female African -
Esi Born on Sunday Female African -
Essien sixth-born son Male African -
Fabayo A lucky birth brings joy Female African -
Fadil Generous Male African -
Faizah victorious Female African -
Fakih One who recites the Koran Male African -
Faraji consolation Male African -
Fayola Walk with honor Female African -
Femi love me Female African -
Fenyang Botswanan name meaning 'conqueror'. Male African -
Fifi Born on Friday Male African -
Fola honour Female African -
Folade She brings honor Female African -
Folami Honor and respect me Female African -
Folayan To walk with dignity Female African -
Foluke Placed in God's care Female African -
Foluke Nigerian name meaning 'placed in God's hands'. Male African -
Fujo Born after a quarrel Female African -
Fukayna Knowledgeable Female African -
Fulumirani Malawian name meaning 'a journey'. Male African -
Funsan Malawian name meaning 'request'. Male African -
Funsani Request Male African -
Fynn Name of a river in Ghana. Male African -
Gahiji The hunter Male African -
Gamba warrior Male African -
Gowon Rainmaker Male African -
Gwandoya Met with misery Male African -
Gyasi Wonderful baby Male African -
Habib Beloved Male African -
Habiba Sweetheart Female African -
Habika sweetheart Female African -
Habimana God exist Male African -
Hadiya Gift (Swahili). Female African -
Haji Born during the hajj Male African -
Halima gentle Female African -
Hamadi Praised Male African -
Hanif True believer of Islam Male African -
Hanifa True believer of Islam Female African -
Harith Cultivator Male African -
Harun Lofty Male African -
Hasan Handsome (Swahili). Male African -
Hasanati Good Female African -
Hasani Handsome (Swahili). Male African -
Hashim Destroying Male African -
Hasina Good. (Swahili). Female African -
Hassain Handsome (Swahili). Male African -
Hawa Eve Female African -
Hembadoon The winner Female African -
Hondo Warrior Male African -
Husniya Beauty Female African -
Ibeamaka the agnates are splendid Male African -
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