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Popular Baby Names , origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Dulani Malawian name meaning 'cutting'. Male African
Dumaka Nigerian name meaning 'help out'. Male African
Dziko The world Female African
Ebere mercy Female African
Ebo Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday. Male African
Ebun Gift Female African
Efia Born on Friday Female African
Ehioze Nigerian name meaning 'not jealous'. Male African
Ekon Strong. (Nigerian). Male African
Enam Ghanian name meaning 'gift from God'. Male African
Enomwoyi Graceful one Female African
Enyonyam It is good for me Female African
Eshe Life Female African
Esi Born on Sunday Female African
Essien sixth-born son Male African
Fabayo A lucky birth brings joy Female African
Fadil Generous Male African
Faizah victorious Female African
Fakih One who recites the Koran Male African
Faraji consolation Male African
Fayola Walk with honor Female African
Femi love me Female African
Fenyang Botswanan name meaning 'conqueror'. Male African
Fifi Born on Friday Male African
Fola honour Female African
Folade She brings honor Female African
Folami Honor and respect me Female African
Folayan To walk with dignity Female African
Foluke Placed in God's care Female African
Foluke Nigerian name meaning 'placed in God's hands'. Male African
Fujo Born after a quarrel Female African
Fukayna Knowledgeable Female African
Fulumirani Malawian name meaning 'a journey'. Male African
Funsan Malawian name meaning 'request'. Male African
Funsani Request Male African
Fynn Name of a river in Ghana. Male African
Gahiji The hunter Male African
Gamba warrior Male African
Gowon Rainmaker Male African
Gwandoya Met with misery Male African
Gyasi Wonderful baby Male African
Habib Beloved Male African
Habiba Sweetheart Female African
Habika sweetheart Female African
Habimana God exist Male African
Hadiya Gift (Swahili). Female African
Haji Born during the hajj Male African
Halima gentle Female African
Hamadi Praised Male African
Hanif True believer of Islam Male African
Hanifa True believer of Islam Female African
Harith Cultivator Male African
Harun Lofty Male African
Hasan Handsome (Swahili). Male African
Hasanati Good Female African
Hasani Handsome (Swahili). Male African
Hashim Destroying Male African
Hasina Good. (Swahili). Female African
Hassain Handsome (Swahili). Male African
Hawa Eve Female African
Hembadoon The winner Female African
Hondo Warrior Male African
Husniya Beauty Female African
Ibeamaka the agnates are splendid Male African
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