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Popular Baby Names , origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Munyiga One who bothers other people Male African
Musa Child Male African
Mwamba Powerful Male African
Mwanawa First born Female African
Nabelung beautiful one Female African
Nabulung do not receive Male African
Nabulungi Beautiful one Female African
Naeemah To be carefree Female African
Nailah succeeding Female African
Najja Born after Male African
Nakisisa Child of the shadows Male African
Namono Younger of twins Female African
Nanyamka God's gift Female African
Narkeasha pretty Female African
Nassor Victorious Male African
Nathifa One who is pure Female African
Nayo She is our joy Female African
Ndale A trick Male African
Ndulu Dove Male African
Neema Born in prosperity. (Swahili). Female African
Nehanda Strong and powerful Female African
Ngabile I have it Female African
Ngozi Blessing Female African
Ngozi Good fortune Male African
Njau Young bull Male African
Njemile Upstanding, honorable Female African
Nkosazana Princess Female African
Nneka Her mother is important Female African
Nomalanga Sunny Female African
Nombeko Respect Female African
Nomble Beauty Female African
Nomusa Compassionate, merciful Female African
Nourbese Wonderful child Female African
Nuru To illuminate Female African
Nuru Born at night. (Swahili). Male African
Nwabudike The son is the father's power Male African
Obasi In honor of the supreme God Male African
Obataiye King of the world Male African
Obayana The king warms himself at the fire Male African
Obi Heart Male African
Obiajulu the heart is consoled Male African
Obike A strong household Male African
Obioma Kind woman Female African
Ode Born along the road Female African
Odion First born of twins Male African
Ogbonna The image of his father Male African
Ojore A man of war Male African
Okechuku A gift of God Male African
Okello Born after twins Male African
Okpara Fifth-born son Male African
Olabisi Joy is multiplied Female African
Oladele We are honored at home Male African
Olafemi Honor favors me Male African
Olaniyan Surrounded by honor Male African
Olaniyi There's glory in wealth Female African
Olubayo Greatest joy Female African
Olubayo Rejoicing Male African
Olufemi God loves me Female African
Olufemi Wealth and honor favors me Male African
Olufunmilayo God gives me joy Female African
Olugbala Savior of the people Male African
Olujimi God has given me this Male African
Olumide God arrives Male African
Olumiji My lord awakens Male African
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