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Popular Baby Names, origin African

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Munyiga One who bothers other people Male African -
Musa Child Male African -
Mwamba Powerful Male African -
Mwanawa First born Female African -
Nabelung beautiful one Female African -
Nabulung do not receive Male African -
Nabulungi Beautiful one Female African -
Naeemah To be carefree Female African -
Nailah succeeding Female African -
Najja Born after Male African -
Nakisisa Child of the shadows Male African -
Namono Younger of twins Female African -
Nanyamka God's gift Female African -
Narkeasha pretty Female African Nar, Keash, Keasha, Kisha
Nassor Victorious Male African -
Nathifa One who is pure Female African -
Nayo She is our joy Female African -
Ndale A trick Male African -
Ndulu Dove Male African -
Neema Born in prosperity. (Swahili). Female African -
Nehanda Strong and powerful Female African -
Ngabile I have it Female African -
Ngozi Blessing Female African -
Ngozi Good fortune Male African -
Njau Young bull Male African -
Njemile Upstanding, honorable Female African -
Nkosazana Princess Female African -
Nneka Her mother is important Female African -
Nomalanga Sunny Female African -
Nombeko Respect Female African -
Nomble Beauty Female African -
Nomusa Compassionate, merciful Female African -
Nourbese Wonderful child Female African -
Nuru To illuminate Female African -
Nuru Born at night. (Swahili). Male African -
Nwabudike The son is the father's power Male African -
Obasi In honor of the supreme God Male African -
Obataiye King of the world Male African -
Obayana The king warms himself at the fire Male African -
Obi Heart Male African -
Obiajulu the heart is consoled Male African -
Obike A strong household Male African -
Obioma Kind woman Female African -
Ode Born along the road Female African -
Odion First born of twins Male African -
Ogbonna The image of his father Male African -
Ojore A man of war Male African -
Okechuku A gift of God Male African -
Okello Born after twins Male African -
Okpara Fifth-born son Male African -
Olabisi Joy is multiplied Female African -
Oladele We are honored at home Male African -
Olafemi Honor favors me Male African -
Olaniyan Surrounded by honor Male African -
Olaniyi There's glory in wealth Female African -
Olubayo Greatest joy Female African -
Olubayo Rejoicing Male African -
Olufemi God loves me Female African -
Olufemi Wealth and honor favors me Male African -
Olufunmilayo God gives me joy Female African -
Olugbala Savior of the people Male African -
Olujimi God has given me this Male African -
Olumide God arrives Male African -
Olumiji My lord awakens Male African -
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