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Popular Baby Names, origin Celtic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Cerdwin the mother Goddess Female Celtic -
Chad Defence. Male Celtic -
Cinnia Beauty. Female Celtic -
Cinnie Beauty. Female Celtic -
Clancy offspring of red-headed soldier Male Celtic Clancey, Clan
Clust Mythical son of Clustfeinad. Male Celtic -
Clustfeinad Mythical father of Clust. Male Celtic -
Coalan slender Male Celtic Kayey
Cocidius Mythical hunter god. Male Celtic -
Coinneach Handsome. Male Celtic -
Con Wise. Male Celtic -
Conal High; mighty. Male Celtic -
Conall Strong in battle High; mighty. Male Celtic -
Conall Cernach Mythical Ulster chieftain. Male Celtic -
Conan High, wise. Introduced into Britain after the Norman Conquest. Famous bearers: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes; a number of counts and dukes of Brittany bore the name Conan. Male Celtic -
Conant Wise. Male Celtic -
Conchobar Mythical hero. Male Celtic -
Condan Dark haired wise man. Male Celtic -
Condon the dark-haired wise man Male Celtic -
Conn Mythical son of Lir: wise; High; mighty. Male Celtic -
Connal 'High; mighty.'. Male Celtic -
Connell Strong in battle. Male Celtic -
Conner desire, wise aid, wolf-lover Male Celtic Conners, Connor, O'Conner, O'Connor, Conor, Conan
Connla Mythical son of Conn. Male Celtic -
Conroy Persistent. Male Celtic -
Conway Hound of the plain. Male Celtic -
Corann Mythical druid. Male Celtic -
Cordelia Of the sea. Female Celtic -
Corey raven, from the hollow Male Celtic Cory, Corry, Corrie, Correy
Cormac Charioteer. Male Celtic -
Coventina Water goddess. Female Celtic -
Cradawg Mythical son of Bran. Male Celtic -
Craig from near the crag Male Celtic Greg
Cuchulain Mythical Hound of Ulster. Male Celtic -
Cuinn Wise. Male Celtic -
Culain Mythical smith. Male Celtic -
Culann Mythical smith. Male Celtic -
Cullen young animal, handsome Male Celtic Culley, Cullin
Custennin Mythical giant. Male Celtic -
Cuyler chapel Female Celtic -
Cyric Male Celtic -
Dallas Dwells by the waterfall. Male Celtic -
Daman Demon. Male Celtic -
Dana from Denmark, mother of the Gods in myths Female Celtic -
Darcy Dark. Male Celtic -
Dearg Son of Daghda. Male Celtic -
Dechtire Mythical nursemaid. Female Celtic -
Deheune Divine one. Female Celtic -
Deirdre Sorrowful. Female Celtic -
Delia Diminutive of Bedelia: A variant of Bridget, who was the mythic Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. Female Celtic -
Deoch Mythical princess of Munster. Female Celtic -
Dermot free of envy Male Celtic Kermit
Derry great lover, an ancient hero Male Celtic -
Desmond From south Munster. Male Celtic -
Deva Divine one. Female Celtic -
Devin Poet. Male Celtic -
Devnet poet Female Celtic -
Devona Divine one. Female Celtic -
Devyn Poet. Male Celtic -
Dewain Song. Male Celtic -
Dierdre young girl, one who rages, broken-hearted Female Celtic Deirdre, Deirdra, Dierdra, Deedee, Deedra, Dee
Dillion Faithful. Male Celtic -
Dinsmore From the hill fort. Male Celtic -
Diva Divine one. Female Celtic -
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