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Popular Baby Names, origin Celtic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Enid Spirit. Female Celtic -
Eoghann Young. Male Celtic -
Eoin Young. Male Celtic -
Erea From Ireland. Female Celtic -
Erie From Ireland. Female Celtic -
Erin From Ireland. Female Celtic -
Erina From Ireland. Female Celtic -
Erlina girl from Ireland Female Celtic -
Etain shining Female Celtic -
Ethne Fire. Female Celtic -
Evan Young fighter. Male Celtic -
Evelina Light. Female Celtic -
Eveline Light. Female Celtic -
Evelyn lively, pleasant Female Celtic Eileen, Eilen, Ilene, Alene, Eveline, Evalyn, Aveline, Avaline, Avelina, Avalina, Evel, Evilio, Evalina, Evelina, Evette
Ewan Young. Male Celtic -
Ewen Young. Male Celtic -
Ewyn Young. Male Celtic -
Fainche saint's name Female Celtic -
Fallon grandchild of the ruler, in charge Female Celtic -
Farrel Brave. Male Celtic -
Farrell Brave. Male Celtic -
Fearghus Manly. Male Celtic -
Fedelm Mythical wife of Loegaire. Female Celtic -
Fenella Of the white shoulders. Female Celtic -
Ferehar Mythical son of Uisneeh. Male Celtic -
Ferghus Manly. Male Celtic -
Fergus of manly strength Male Celtic Ferguson, Fergie, Fergy, Fergun
Ferguson son of Fergus Male Celtic -
Ferris Rock. Male Celtic -
Fiacra Eagle. Male Celtic -
Fiacre Eagle. Male Celtic -
Fianna Legendsry tale. Female Celtic -
Finbar Blond. Male Celtic -
Findabair Mythical daughter of Medb. Female Celtic -
Fingula Mythical daughter of Lyr. Female Celtic -
Finian Handsome. Male Celtic -
Finnbar Blond. Male Celtic -
Finnobarr Blond. Male Celtic -
Fiona white, fair Female Celtic Fione, Fionnula
Fionn white, fair Both Celtic -
Floyd Gray. Male Celtic -
Flynn son of the red-haired man Male Celtic Flinn, Flin, Flyn
Fynbar Blond. Male Celtic -
Gall Stranger. Male Celtic -
Gallagher eager aide Male Celtic Gallagar, Gahan
Galvin Sparrow. Male Celtic -
Galvyn Sparrow. Male Celtic -
Gawain From Arthurian legend. Male Celtic -
Genevieve White wave. Female Celtic -
Germaine Loud of voice. Female Celtic -
Gervase Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. Male Celtic -
Gilda God's servent Female Celtic -
Gildas Serves God. Female Celtic -
Gildas Serves God. Male Celtic -
Gilmore Serves Mary. Male Celtic -
Gilroy Serves the red haired lord. Male Celtic -
Ginebra White as foam. Female Celtic -
Ginerva White as foam. Female Celtic -
Ginessa White as foam. Female Celtic -
Gitta Strong. Female Celtic -
Glen From the valley. Male Celtic -
Glenn From the valley. Male Celtic -
Glifieu Mythical son of Taran. Male Celtic -
Glyn From the valley. Male Celtic -
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