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Popular Baby Names , origin Celtic

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Enid Spirit. Female Celtic
Eoghann Young. Male Celtic
Eoin Young. Male Celtic
Erea From Ireland. Female Celtic
Erie From Ireland. Female Celtic
Erin From Ireland. Female Celtic
Erina From Ireland. Female Celtic
Erlina girl from Ireland Female Celtic
Etain shining Female Celtic
Ethne Fire. Female Celtic
Evan Young fighter. Male Celtic
Evelina Light. Female Celtic
Eveline Light. Female Celtic
Evelyn lively, pleasant Female Celtic
Ewan Young. Male Celtic
Ewen Young. Male Celtic
Ewyn Young. Male Celtic
Fainche saint's name Female Celtic
Fallon grandchild of the ruler, in charge Female Celtic
Farrel Brave. Male Celtic
Farrell Brave. Male Celtic
Fearghus Manly. Male Celtic
Fedelm Mythical wife of Loegaire. Female Celtic
Fenella Of the white shoulders. Female Celtic
Ferehar Mythical son of Uisneeh. Male Celtic
Ferghus Manly. Male Celtic
Fergus of manly strength Male Celtic
Ferguson son of Fergus Male Celtic
Ferris Rock. Male Celtic
Fiacra Eagle. Male Celtic
Fiacre Eagle. Male Celtic
Fianna Legendsry tale. Female Celtic
Finbar Blond. Male Celtic
Findabair Mythical daughter of Medb. Female Celtic
Fingula Mythical daughter of Lyr. Female Celtic
Finian Handsome. Male Celtic
Finnbar Blond. Male Celtic
Finnobarr Blond. Male Celtic
Fiona white, fair Female Celtic
Fionn white, fair Both Celtic
Floyd Gray. Male Celtic
Flynn son of the red-haired man Male Celtic
Fynbar Blond. Male Celtic
Gall Stranger. Male Celtic
Gallagher eager aide Male Celtic
Galvin Sparrow. Male Celtic
Galvyn Sparrow. Male Celtic
Gawain From Arthurian legend. Male Celtic
Genevieve White wave. Female Celtic
Germaine Loud of voice. Female Celtic
Gervase Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. Male Celtic
Gilda God's servent Female Celtic
Gildas Serves God. Female Celtic
Gildas Serves God. Male Celtic
Gilmore Serves Mary. Male Celtic
Gilroy Serves the red haired lord. Male Celtic
Ginebra White as foam. Female Celtic
Ginerva White as foam. Female Celtic
Ginessa White as foam. Female Celtic
Gitta Strong. Female Celtic
Glen From the valley. Male Celtic
Glenn From the valley. Male Celtic
Glifieu Mythical son of Taran. Male Celtic
Glyn From the valley. Male Celtic
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