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Popular Baby Names, origin Celtic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gorsedd From Arbeth. Male Celtic -
Grania Love. Female Celtic -
Greg fierce Male Celtic -
Gruddieu Mythical son of Muriuel. Male Celtic -
Guenevere White lady. Female Celtic -
Guennola White. Female Celtic -
Guinevere White lady. Female Celtic -
Guy Sensible. Male Celtic -
Gwalchmai From Arthurian legend. Male Celtic -
Gwawl Mythical son of Clud. Male Celtic -
Gwen Mythical son of Gwastad. Male Celtic -
Gwendolen Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwendolin Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwendolyn white brow Female Celtic Gwendolynne, Gwendoline
Gweneth Blessed. Female Celtic -
Gwenith Blessed. Female Celtic -
Gwenn Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwenneth Blessed. Female Celtic -
Gwenyver White lady. Female Celtic -
Gwern Mythical son of Matholwch. Male Celtic -
Gwernaeh Mythical. Male Celtic -
Gwri Of the golden hair. Male Celtic -
Gwyndolin Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwynham Mythical father of Teithi. Male Celtic -
Gwynith Blessed. Female Celtic -
Gwynn Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Harvey 'Eager for battle.'. Male Celtic -
Hefeydd Mythical father of Rhiannon. Male Celtic -
Heilyn Mythical son of Gwyn. Male Celtic -
Henbeddestr Fastest man. Male Celtic -
Henwas Mythical brother of Henbeddestr. Male Celtic -
Herne Mythical hunter god. Male Celtic -
Huarwar Mythical son of Halwn. Male Celtic -
Hueil Mythical son of Caw. Male Celtic -
Idelisa Bountiful. Female Celtic -
Idelle Bountiful. Female Celtic -
Iden Wealthy. Male Celtic -
Inness From the island. Male Celtic -
Innis From the island. Male Celtic -
Iona From the king's island. Female Celtic -
Irven White. Male Celtic -
Irvin White. Male Celtic -
Irving handsome, fair Male Celtic -
Irvyn White. Male Celtic -
Isold The fair. Female Celtic -
Isolda The fair. Female Celtic -
Isolde beautiful Female Celtic -
Jarvis Variant of Gervase: Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. Male Celtic -
Jennifer White wave. Female Celtic -
Jenny White wave. Female Celtic -
Jennyfer White wave. Female Celtic -
Jennyver White wave. Female Celtic -
Joyce Feminine of Jodoc. Female Celtic -
Kaie combat Female Celtic -
Kaitlyn little darling Female Celtic Kaitlin, Kaitlynne, Kait, Katie, Kaydee, Katlan
Kane Warrior. Intelligent. Popular as a first name in Australia. Male Celtic -
Karney Fighter. Male Celtic -
Kathleen little darling Female Celtic Caitlin
Kayne Intelligent. Male Celtic -
Keaghan Son of Egan. Male Celtic -
Keane Tall and handsome. Male Celtic -
Kearney warrior Male Celtic -
Keary father's dark child Male Celtic Kear, Care
Keegan Son of Egan. Male Celtic -
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