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Popular Baby Names , origin Celtic

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gorsedd From Arbeth. Male Celtic
Grania Love. Female Celtic
Greg fierce Male Celtic
Gruddieu Mythical son of Muriuel. Male Celtic
Guenevere White lady. Female Celtic
Guennola White. Female Celtic
Guinevere White lady. Female Celtic
Guy Sensible. Male Celtic
Gwalchmai From Arthurian legend. Male Celtic
Gwawl Mythical son of Clud. Male Celtic
Gwen Mythical son of Gwastad. Male Celtic
Gwendolen Of the white brow. Female Celtic
Gwendolin Of the white brow. Female Celtic
Gwendolyn white brow Female Celtic
Gweneth Blessed. Female Celtic
Gwenith Blessed. Female Celtic
Gwenn Of the white brow. Female Celtic
Gwenneth Blessed. Female Celtic
Gwenyver White lady. Female Celtic
Gwern Mythical son of Matholwch. Male Celtic
Gwernaeh Mythical. Male Celtic
Gwri Of the golden hair. Male Celtic
Gwyndolin Of the white brow. Female Celtic
Gwynham Mythical father of Teithi. Male Celtic
Gwynith Blessed. Female Celtic
Gwynn Of the white brow. Female Celtic
Harvey 'Eager for battle.'. Male Celtic
Hefeydd Mythical father of Rhiannon. Male Celtic
Heilyn Mythical son of Gwyn. Male Celtic
Henbeddestr Fastest man. Male Celtic
Henwas Mythical brother of Henbeddestr. Male Celtic
Herne Mythical hunter god. Male Celtic
Huarwar Mythical son of Halwn. Male Celtic
Hueil Mythical son of Caw. Male Celtic
Idelisa Bountiful. Female Celtic
Idelle Bountiful. Female Celtic
Iden Wealthy. Male Celtic
Inness From the island. Male Celtic
Innis From the island. Male Celtic
Iona From the king's island. Female Celtic
Irven White. Male Celtic
Irvin White. Male Celtic
Irving handsome, fair Male Celtic
Irvyn White. Male Celtic
Isold The fair. Female Celtic
Isolda The fair. Female Celtic
Isolde beautiful Female Celtic
Jarvis Variant of Gervase: Servant spear. This name is derived from combining an Old Gcrman name meaning spear, and the Celtic word for servant. Famous bearer: martyr St Gervase who died in Milan. Male Celtic
Jennifer White wave. Female Celtic
Jenny White wave. Female Celtic
Jennyfer White wave. Female Celtic
Jennyver White wave. Female Celtic
Joyce Feminine of Jodoc. Female Celtic
Kaie combat Female Celtic
Kaitlyn little darling Female Celtic
Kane Warrior. Intelligent. Popular as a first name in Australia. Male Celtic
Karney Fighter. Male Celtic
Kathleen little darling Female Celtic
Kayne Intelligent. Male Celtic
Keaghan Son of Egan. Male Celtic
Keane Tall and handsome. Male Celtic
Kearney warrior Male Celtic
Keary father's dark child Male Celtic
Keegan Son of Egan. Male Celtic
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