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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gage a pledge, a pawn Male Old-English, Old-French
Gagnesh Lord Shiva Male Assemese
Gagnesh Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gahan Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Gahana Ornaments Female Indian
Gahana Ornament Male Indian
Gahariet Sons of Lot. Male Arthurian-Legend
Gaheris Sons of Lot. Male Arthurian-Legend
Gahiji The hunter Male African
Gahiji Hunter. Male Egyptian
Gahlot N/A Male Indian
Gahmuret Percival's father. Male Arthurian-Legend
Gaia The earth. Mythological womanly personification of the earth and mother of the Titans. Female Greek
Gail Independent name derived from a diminutive of the Hebrew Abigail, meaning 'gives joy' or 'my father rejoices. '. Female English
Gail My father rejoices Female Hebrew
Gail Abigail Female Indian
Gail gay, lively Female Old-English
Gail Lively. Male English
Gail, Gayle joy to the father Female Filipino
Gaila Joyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a term for descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland; Ireland and the Isle of Man. Female English
Gaile Lively Male lrish
Gainell to profit Female Unknown
Gaines increase in wealth Female Middle-English
Gair Short. Male Gaelic
Gair Short Male lrish
Gair Short. Male Scottish
Gairbhith Rough. Male Gaelic
Gairbraith Scotsman in Ireland Male Irish
Gais Percival's grandfather. Male Arthurian-Legend
Gaish Tempest; Commotion Male Indian
Gaius Lord; an earthly man Male Biblical
Gaizka Savior. Male Basque
Gaja Elephant Male Indian
Gajaadhar One who can Command an Elephant; Elephant Tamer Male Indian
Gajaanan Elephant Faced; Lord Ganesha Male Indian
Gajaanand Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajab Amazing Male Indian
Gajabahu Who has Strength of an Elephant Male Indian
Gajadanta With the Tusk of an Elephant Male Indian
Gajadhar One who can Command an Elephant; Elephant Tamer Male Indian
Gajagamini Fascistic Like an Elephant's Walk Female Indian
Gajakarna One who has Eyes like an Elephant Male Bengali
Gajakarna Elephant Eared; Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gajalya Goddess Name Female Indian
Gajamuka N/A Male Indian
Gajamukh Face of Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajamukha Elephant Faced; Ganesh Male Indian
Gajanan One With Elephant Face Male Assemese
Gajanan One with Elephant Face Male Indian
Gajanana Elephant-Faced Lord Male Bengali
Gajanana Faced Like an Elephant Male Indian
Gajananan Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajanand Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajananda Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajananeti Elephant-faced Lord; Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajananvihari One who Stays in Heaven Male Indian
Gajapathi One with Elephant Face Male Indian
Gajapati Master of Elephant; Lord Ganesha Male Indian
Gajara Garland of Flowers Female Indian
Gajaraja King of the Elephants Male Indian
Gajaren N/A Male Indian
Gajari Enemy of Elephant; Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gajarupa Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gajasiras N/A Male Indian
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