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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gage a pledge, a pawn Male Old-English, Old-French -
Gagnesh Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Gagnesh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gahan Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Gahana Ornaments Female Indian -
Gahana Ornament Male Indian -
Gahariet Sons of Lot. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gaheris Sons of Lot. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gahiji The hunter Male African -
Gahiji Hunter. Male Egyptian -
Gahlot N/A Male Indian -
Gahmuret Percival's father. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gaia The earth. Mythological womanly personification of the earth and mother of the Titans. Female Greek -
Gail Independent name derived from a diminutive of the Hebrew Abigail, meaning 'gives joy' or 'my father rejoices. '. Female English -
Gail My father rejoices Female Hebrew -
Gail Abigail Female Indian -
Gail gay, lively Female Old-English Gayle, Gale
Gail Lively. Male English -
Gail, Gayle joy to the father Female Filipino -
Gaila Joyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a term for descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland; Ireland and the Isle of Man. Female English -
Gaile Lively Male lrish -
Gainell to profit Female Unknown -
Gaines increase in wealth Female Middle-English Gaynes, Gainsborough, Gainor, Gaynor
Gair Short. Male Gaelic -
Gair Short Male lrish -
Gair Short. Male Scottish -
Gairbhith Rough. Male Gaelic -
Gairbraith Scotsman in Ireland Male Irish -
Gais Percival's grandfather. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gaish Tempest; Commotion Male Indian -
Gaius Lord; an earthly man Male Biblical -
Gaizka Savior. Male Basque -
Gaja Elephant Male Indian -
Gajaadhar One who can Command an Elephant; Elephant Tamer Male Indian -
Gajaanan Elephant Faced; Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Gajaanand Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajab Amazing Male Indian -
Gajabahu Who has Strength of an Elephant Male Indian -
Gajadanta With the Tusk of an Elephant Male Indian -
Gajadhar One who can Command an Elephant; Elephant Tamer Male Indian -
Gajagamini Fascistic Like an Elephant's Walk Female Indian -
Gajakarna One who has Eyes like an Elephant Male Bengali -
Gajakarna Elephant Eared; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gajalya Goddess Name Female Indian -
Gajamuka N/A Male Indian -
Gajamukh Face of Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajamukha Elephant Faced; Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajanan One With Elephant Face Male Assemese -
Gajanan One with Elephant Face Male Indian -
Gajanana Elephant-Faced Lord Male Bengali -
Gajanana Faced Like an Elephant Male Indian -
Gajananan Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajanand Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajananda Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajananeti Elephant-faced Lord; Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajananvihari One who Stays in Heaven Male Indian -
Gajapathi One with Elephant Face Male Indian -
Gajapati Master of Elephant; Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Gajara Garland of Flowers Female Indian -
Gajaraja King of the Elephants Male Indian -
Gajaren N/A Male Indian -
Gajari Enemy of Elephant; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gajarupa Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gajasiras N/A Male Indian -
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