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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Naganalatha Snake Goddess Female Indian
Naganan N/A Male Indian
Naganand Son of Naga Male Indian
Naganandi N/A Male Indian
Naganandini Mountain Born Female Bengali
Nagander N/A Male Indian
Nagandra N/A Male Indian
Naganika Serpent Maiden Female Indian
Nagannan N/A Male Indian
Nagapati The Lord of the Mountains Male Indian
Nagappa N/A Male Indian
Nagappan N/A Male Indian
Nagaraj King of serpents. Male Bengali
Nagaraj King of Cobras Male Indian
Nagaraja Lord Nagaraja Female Indian
Nagaraja King of the Mountains Male Indian
Nagarajan King of the Serpents Male Indian
Nagaraji N/A Male Indian
Nagaraju King of Snakes Male Indian
Nagarathna Snakes Diamond Male Indian
Nagari The Enemy of Serpents Male Indian
Nagarin Lord of a Town Male Indian
Nagarjun Best Among the Snakes Male Indian
Nagarjuna N/A Male Indian
Nagasakthi N/A Female Indian
Nagasami N/A Male Indian
Nagasenan N/A Male Indian
Nagashree Snake Goddess Female Assemese
Nagashree Snake Goddess Female Indian
Nagasri The Wealth of Serpents Female Indian
Nagaswamy Emperor of Snake Male Indian
Nagchuda N/A Male Indian
Nagdhar One Who Wears Cobra Male Bengali
Nagdhar One who Adornes Mountain Male Indian
Nageen Precious stone Female Arabic
Nageena Gem; Great Male Indian
Nageenah Precious Stone. Female Arabic
Nageenah Precious Stone Female Muslim
Nagelfar The ship that will carry the dead to Ragnarok. Male Norse
Nagendra Seshnag; Snake Male Indian
Nagendran N/A Male Indian
Nagesh Seshnag; Cosmic Serpent Male Indian
Nagesha Lord of Serpents Male Indian
Nageshan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Nageshvar N/A Male Indian
Nageshwar Lord of the Cobras Male Indian
Nageshwara Lord of the Mountains Male Indian
Nageshwaran Lord Snake Male Indian
Nageshwari Goddess of Serpents Female Indian
Nageswar N/A Male Indian
Nageswara Lord Shiva Male Indian
Nageswari King Of Snakes Female Bengali
Nageswari Goddess of the Mountain; Elephants Female Indian
Naggar Lord Krishna Male Bengali
Naggar Lord Krishna Male Indian
Nagge Clearness, brightness, light. Female Biblical
Nagheen Pearl. Female Arabic
Nagheen Pearl Female Muslim
Naghma Melody. Female Afghan
Nagi Saved Male Indian
Nagib nobleor intelligent Male Arabic
Nagid ruler; prince Male Hebrew
Nagida Prosperous Female Hebrew
Nagihan Female Turkish
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