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Popular Baby Names starting with O

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Onslow From the zealous one's hill. Male English -
Onslowe From the zealous one's hill. Male English -
Onund Son of Viking. Male Norse -
Onur Both Turkish -
Onuris Brings back the distant one. Male Egyptian -
Ony Eagle. Male Russian -
Ony Eagle. Male Slavic -
Oogan N/A Male Indian -
Oogharath Son of Ooghavand Male Indian -
Oogharth Son of Oaghavand Male Indian -
Ooghavanth King. Male Assemese -
Ooghavanth King. Male Bengali -
Ooghavati A Woman Female Indian -
Oojam Enthusiasm Male Indian -
Oomjam N/A Male Indian -
Oona One. Female English -
Oona unity Female Gaelic, Latin Ona, Oonaugh, Oonagh
Oona One Female Irish -
Oona One. Female Latin -
Oonagh One Female Irish -
Oonagh Only child; also can be a variant of Una: One. Female Latin -
Oongaranayagi Shelter Female Indian -
Oongararubini A River's Name Female Indian -
Oordhva N/A Male Indian -
Oorja The Energy Female Indian -
Oorjaswati Daughter of King Piyaravat Female Indian -
Oorjit powerful, strong Male Assemese -
Oorjit powerful, strong Male Bengali -
Oorjit Powerful Male Indian -
Oormi Goddess of Birth and Death Female Indian -
Oormika Wave; Humming of a Bee Female Indian -
Oormila Daughter of King Janaka of Mithila; The Youger Sister of Sita; Name of Lakshman's Wife Female Indian -
Oorvashi An Angel Female Indian -
Ooviyanangai Wave Female Indian -
Ooviyapavai Humming Sound of Bee Female Indian -
Opal Opal (precious stone). Jewel names became popular in the 19th century. Female English -
Opal precious gem Female Filipino -
Opal Precious Gem Female Hindi -
Opal A Jewel or Precious Stone Female Indian -
Opal jewel Female Sanskrit -
Opale Jewel; Gem; Opal Female Indian -
Opalina Jewel Female Indian -
Opaline Jewel Female Indian -
Oparna Parvati Female Indian -
Opasa N/A Male Indian -
Opel A Jewel or Precious Stone Female Indian -
Opesh Support; Pillar Male Indian -
Ophel A tower, darkness, small white cloud. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Ophelia helper Female Filipino -
Ophelia Serpentine. Female French -
Ophelia useful, wise Female Greek Ofelia, Ofilia, Ophelie, Phelia
Ophelia Helper; Serpentine; Profit; Aid Female Indian -
Ophelie Serpentine. Female French -
Ophelie Wisdom. Female Greek -
Ophion A serpent. Male Greek -
Ophir faithful. Bible: an Old Testament people.. Male Hebrew -
Ophira gold Female Greek Oprah
Ophni Wearisomeness, folding together. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Ophra Fawn Female Hebrew -
Ophrah Fawn Female Hebrew -
Opilamani N/A Male Indian -
Opinder Proximity to God Male Indian -
Oppilaa Unique Female Assemese -
Oppilaa Unique Female Indian -
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