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Popular Baby Names starting with O

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Omorose Beautiful child Female African -
Omorose Beautiful. Female Egyptian -
Omparkash Brightness Male Indian -
Ompati Master of Om Male Indian -
Ompatu N/A Male Indian -
Omphale A queen of Lydia. Female Greek -
Ompoly Ampleumian Male Hungarian -
Omprabha Radiance; Power of the Holy Mantra 'om' Female Indian -
Omprakasa Sacred Light Male Indian -
Omprakash light of Om Male Assemese -
Omprakash Light of God Male Indian -
Omran Improvement, Reconstruction Male Afghan -
Omran Solid structure Male Arabic -
Omran Solid Structure Male Indian -
Omrao King Male Indian -
Omswaroop Vishnu. Male Bengali -
Omswaroop Manifestation of Divinity Male Indian -
Omswarup Like Om Male Indian -
Omusupe She is the most precious thing Female African -
Omvati Sacred, Having the power of Om Female Assemese -
Omvati Sacred; Having the Power of Om Female Indian -
Omya Life Giver Female Indian -
Omya N/A Male Indian -
Omysha Smile Female Indian -
On soft or youthful Female Thai -
On peace Male Chinese -
On peace Male Filipino -
On Choi gracefulness Female Thai -
Ona grace Female Filipino -
Ona Graceful Female Hebrew -
Ona One Female Irish -
Ona Only child; also can be a variant of Una: One. Female Latin -
Ona graceful one Female Lithuanian -
Onaedo gold Female Filipino -
Onain Vision Male Indian -
Onan strength, power Male Filipino -
Ond tenth child Male Hungarian -
Ondrus Manly. Male Czechoslovakian -
Ondyaw Legendary son of a French Duke. Male Welsh -
Oneida eagerly awaited Female Filipino -
Onella Light Female Bengali -
Onella Light. Female Greek -
Onella Light Female Indian -
Onenn Female Breton -
Onesiphorus Who brings profit. Female Biblical -
Onfroi PeacefuI Hun. Male French -
Ongivalarthan Sacred Light Male Indian -
Oni Born in a sacred place Female African -
Oni Shelter Female Assemese -
Oni Wanted. Female Egyptian -
Oni Shelter Female Hindi -
Oni Shelter Female Indian -
Oni Shelter Male Indian -
Onida the expected one Female Native-American -
ONille From the gold town. Male French -
Onir Shining Male Indian -
Onish Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Onit Graceful Female Hebrew -
Onkar God Male Indian -
Onnan Mariner. Male Teutonic -
Ono Grief or strength or iniquity of him. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Onofre peace warrior Male Filipino -
Onora Honor. Female Gaelic -
Onora Honor Female Irish -
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