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Popular Baby Names starting with O

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Orell Eagle. Male Russian -
Orell Eagle. Male Slavic -
Orella golden Female Filipino -
Orella Divine message. Female Latin -
Oren Pale. Male Gaelic -
Oren Tree Male Hebrew -
Oren ash-tree, pale; pine tree Male Hebrew, Gaelic -
Oren Ash Tree Male Indian -
Orenda magic power Female Iroquois Indian -
Oreste From the mountain. Male Greek -
Orestes mountain dweller Male Filipino -
Orestes From the mountain. Male Greek -
Orfan / Orfaan Knowledge, gnosticism. Male Afghan -
Orford From the cattle ford. Male English -
Orghlaith Golden Female Irish -
Orguelleuse An arrogant lady. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Orham From tbe riverbank enclosure. Male English -
Ori charitable king Male Bengali -
Ori My light Male Hebrew -
Ori Charitable King Male Indian -
Oria From the mountain. Female Greek -
Oria Golden. Female Italian -
Oria Golden. Female Latin -
Orial Golden. Female Latin -
Oriana Blond. Female Celtic -
Oriana golden Female Filipino -
Oriana Golden. Female Italian -
Oriana To rise; sunrise; dawn; golden. Female Latin -
Oriana dawn; east Female Latin, Greek Oralia, Orelle, Orlanna, Oria
Orianna golden, dawning Female Latin Orienne
Oribel Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Oribella Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Oribelle Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Orick From the ancient oak tree. Male English -
Oriel gold Both Filipino -
Oriel Bird. Female French -
Oriel Compound of 'fire' and 'strife'. Female German -
Oriel Golden. Female Latin -
Oriel golden, angel of destiny Female Old-French Orielle
Oriel Eagle. Male Russian -
Oriel Eagle. Male Slavic -
Orik From the ancient oak tree. Male English -
Orin White. Male Celtic -
Orin Pale. Male Gaelic -
Orin Tree Male Hebrew -
Orinda pine tree Female Hebrew -
Orinda fire serpent Female Teutonic -
Oriole fair-haired Female Latin -
Orion mountain dweller Both Filipino -
Orion Rising in the sky; dawning. Mythological Orion was a mighty hunter and son of Poseidon. The constellation Orion contains three conspicuous stars. Male Greek -
Orion Son of Fire Male Indian -
Orion dawn, east; son of fire, the hunter Male Latin, Greek Orien, Oris
Oris Mother of Euphemus. Female Latin -
Oris Tree Male Hebrew -
Oris Tree Male Indian -
Orkény frightening man Male Hungarian Örkény
Orla Golden Princess Female Indian -
Orla Golden lady Female Irish -
Orla golden woman Female Latin -
Orlaith Golden lady Female Irish -
Orlaithe Golden lady Female Irish -
Orlan From the pointed hill. Male English -
Orlan Renowned in the land. Form of Roland. Male German -
Orlan Renowned in the land. Form of Roland. Male Spanish -
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