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Popular Baby Names starting with O

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
OppilaaChelvi Unique Girl; See Oppilaa Female Bengali -
Oppilamani Best Female Indian -
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Assemese -
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Bengali -
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Indian -
Oppilarasi N/A Female Indian -
Oppiliappan Enthusiasm Male Indian -
Oppiliya N/A Female Indian -
Oppilmani Purest of Gems Male Indian -
Oprah gazelle Female Filipino -
Oprah Fawn Female Hebrew -
Ops Goddess of plenty. Female Latin -
Ora Money. Female Anglo -
Ora Beautiful seacoast. Female English -
Ora gold Female Filipino -
Ora The Lord is my light Female Hebrew -
Ora Pray. Female Latin -
Orabel Beautiful seacoast. Female English -
Orabelle Beautiful seacoast. Female English -
Oracle prophesy Both Filipino -
Oracula Divine message. Female Latin -
Orah The Lord is my light Female Hebrew -
Orahamm From tbe riverbank enclosure. Male English -
Oral Eagle Male Indian -
Oral Eagle. Male Russian -
Oral Eagle. Male Slavic -
Oralee The Lord is my light Female Hebrew -
Orali Light Female Hebrew -
Oralia Golden. Female Latin -
Oralia golden; light Female Latin, Hebrew Orel, Orelda, Oriole, Orlene, Orlena, Orpah, Oralee, Oralie, Oral, Ora, Orah, Oria, Orlie, Orly, Orabel
Oralie Golden. Female English -
Oralie Golden. Female Latin -
Oram From tbe riverbank enclosure. Male English -
Oran White. Male Celtic -
Oran Pale. Male Gaelic -
Oran pale one; pine Male Gaelic, Hebrew Orin, Orren, Oren, Orran, Orrin, Oram, Orrie
Oran Pale green Male Irish -
Orane rising Female French -
Orang A Throne; Wisdom; Understanding; Beauty Male Indian -
Oranos Uranus, One of the 9 solar plannets. Female Afghan -
Oratun From the shore farm. Male English -
Orbán citydweller, educated man Male Hungarian Orbó, Oros
Orbart Wealthy. Male German -
Orbert Wealthy. Male German -
Orbona Protectress of sick children. Female Latin -
Ord Warrior armed with ... Male Anglo -
Ordalf Elfin spear. Female German -
Orde Beginning Male Anglo -
Ordella Elfin spear. Female German -
Ordland From the pointed hill. Male English -
Ordman Spearman. Male English -
Ordmund Spear defender. Male English -
Ordsone Ormond's son. Male English -
Ordwald Spear strength. Male English -
Ordway Battle strife. Male Anglo -
Ordwin Spear friend. Male English -
Ordwine Spear friend. Male English -
Orea From the mountain. Female Greek -
Oreias From the mountain. Male Greek -
Orel Eagle. Male Russian -
Orel Eagle. Male Slavic -
Orelia Golden. Female English -
Orelious Male Unknown Orelius
Orell Ore hill. Both a surname and a place name. Male English -
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