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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vanda Variant of Wanda: Family; Wanderer. Female German -
Vandan Salutation Male Indian -
Vandana Worship; Salute Female Bengali -
Vandana worship Female Filipino -
Vandana Salute Female Hindi -
Vandana Female Hindu -
Vandana Worship Female Indian -
Vandana Adoration Male Indian -
Vandana; Bandana Worship; Salute Female Assemese -
Vandana; Bandana Worship; Salute Female Bengali -
Vandanai Beloved of the Woods Female Indian -
Vandanee Goddess of Vegetation Female Indian -
Vandaneeya Adorable Female Indian -
Vandani Adoration Female Indian -
Vande Wanderer. Female German -
Vandeek N/A Male Indian -
Vandenberg From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderbilt From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderpool From the pool. Male Dutch -
Vandhana N/A Female Indian -
Vandi N/A Male Indian -
Vandin One who Praises and Honours Male Indian -
Vandit Revered Male Indian -
Vandita Adored Female Hindi -
Vandita Female Hindu -
Vandita Adored Female Indian -
Vandita Saluted; Worshipped Male Indian -
Vanditri One who Salutes or Worships Female Indian -
Vandrad Son of Osvin. Male Norse -
Vandya Worthy of Salutation Female Indian -
Vandya Worthy of Salutation Male Indian -
Vanechka God's gift. Male Russian -
Vaneesa Pure Female Indian -
Vaneesha Queen of the Universe Female Indian -
Vaneet Slender, Intelligent, Loving Beauty Female Assemese -
Vaneet Slender; Intelligent; Loving Beauty Female Indian -
Vaneet Intelligent Male Indian -
Vaneeza N/A Female Indian -
Vanessa combination of Van and Esther Female Filipino -
Vanessa a butterfly Female Greek Vannia, Vanna, Vannie, Vanora, Nessa, Nessie, Nessy, Venissa
Vanessa Butterfly Female Indian -
Vanessa Of Venus. Famous Bearers: British actress Vanessa Redgrave. Romance author Vanessa Grant. Female Latin -
Vaneyu A Sage Male Indian -
Vangaur N/A Male Indian -
Vangie messenger of good news Female Filipino -
Vanhi Fire Female Bengali -
Vanhi Fire Female Hindi -
Vanhi Fire Female Indian -
Vanhi Fire Male Indian -
Vanhishika Fire Female Indian -
Vanhishikha Flame Female Assemese -
Vanhishikha flame Female Bengali -
Vanhishikha Flame Female Indian -
Vani Saraswati Female Hindi -
Vani Muse; Goddess Saraswati Female Indian -
Vania Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterfly. Also, from Phanessa, the mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood. Female Greek -
Vania God's Gift Female Indian -
Vania God's gift Female Russian -
Vanida girl Female Thai -
Vanig maiden of Van Female Filipino -
Vanig small town Male Armen -
Vanij Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Vanij Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vanika Eloquent in Words; Sound Female Indian -
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