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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Valentina Brave; Strong. Feminine of Valentinus. Female Latin -
Valentina Strong Male Indian -
Valentine strength, health Both Filipino -
Valentine good health Female Latin Valentina, Valeda, Valina, Vally, Val, Valtina, Valentiane
Valentine Strong. Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors. Male English -
Valentine 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' One of the two gentlemen in the title. 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Kinsman to Titus. 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' Gentleman attending on the Duke. Male Shakespearean -
Valentino strength, health Male Filipino -
Valentino Brave or strong. Male Italian -
Valeraine Brave. Female French -
Valeray valor, strong Male Old-French, Latin -
Valere Brave. Female French -
Valeria strength Female Filipino -
Valeria 'Strong; valiant. Female Italian -
Valeria Brave. Female Latin -
Valerie Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius. Female English -
Valerie strength Female Filipino -
Valerie Brave. Female French -
Valerie Strong; healthy. Female Latin -
Valerie valor, strong Female Old-French, Latin Valeria, Valery, Valerian, Vally, Vallie, Val, Valarie, Vallerie
Valerii Brave. Male Russian -
Valerik Brave. Male Russian -
Valerio Brave or strong. Male Italian -
Valery Brave. Female Latin -
Valeska glorious ruler Female Polish -
Valfrid Powerful peace. Male Swedish -
Valgerdr Female Scandinavian -
Valgu Handsome; Attractive Male Indian -
Valguki Very Beautiful Female Indian -
Vali Beatiful and Preety Male Indian -
Vali Son of Odin. Male Norse -
Valiant brave Both Filipino -
Valiant Brave. Male English -
Valiant Brave. Male French -
Valid Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan -
Valika Diamond Female Indian -
Valika Trustworthy Male Indian -
Valin Courage Female Indian -
Valin Tailed Male Indian -
Valini Stars Female Hindi -
Valini Stars Female Indian -
Valiqa Trustworthy Female Arabic -
Valisa wild one Female Unknown Vall, Vallie
Valkoinen White. Male Finnish -
Vallabai N/A Female Indian -
Vallabh beloved, dear Male Bengali -
Vallabh Beloved; Dear Male Indian -
Vallabha lover Female Assemese -
Vallabha lover Female Bengali -
Vallabha Beloved Female Indian -
Vallabha Beloved Male Indian -
Vallabhaa N/A Female Indian -
Vallabhee N/A Female Indian -
Vallabhendra Best Beloved Male Indian -
Vallabhesvara Most Beloved Male Indian -
Vallabhi Beloved Female Indian -
Vallaki A Lute Female Indian -
Vallaki Single String Instrument Male Indian -
Vallaree Strong; Healthy Female Indian -
Vallari Goddess Sita Female Hindi -
Vallari Goddess Parvati; Creeper Female Indian -
Vallari Creeper Male Indian -
Vallath N/A Male Indian -
Vallavan N/A Male Indian -
Vallee Wife of Subrahmanya Female Indian -
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