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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Virata Bravery Female Assemese -
Virata Bravery Female Indian -
Virata Bravery Male Indian -
Viratar Strong Hero Male Indian -
Virath Master of Knowledge Male Indian -
Viratha N/A Male Indian -
Virati To Denounce Sin Female Indian -
Viravrat A Brave King Male Indian -
Virbhadra The Ashwamegha Horse Male Indian -
Virbhanu Very Strong Male Bengali -
Virbhanu Very Strong Male Indian -
Virdia Young and budding. Female Latin -
Virdis Young and budding. Female Latin -
Virdisa Young and budding. Female Latin -
Virdisia Young and budding. Female Latin -
Vireak absence of desire Male Cambodian -
Vireakboth brave; noble son Male Cambodian -
Viren A Bravery Lord Male Assemese -
Viren Brave Male Indian -
Virendar Similar to Virendra Male Indian -
Virender Similar to Virendra Male Indian -
Virendra Brave Lord Male Indian -
Virendri Goddess Of Beauty Female Hindi -
Virendri Goddess of Beauty Female Indian -
Virepas Faultless Male Indian -
Viresa Master of Heroes Male Indian -
Viresh brave lord Male Bengali -
Viresh Brave Lord Male Indian -
Viresha N/A Female Indian -
Vireshvar Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Vireshvar Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Virgena Chaste; virginal. Female English -
Virgena Chaste; virginal. Female Latin -
Virgene Chaste; virginal. Female Latin -
Virgil Staff bearer Male Anglo -
Virgil Flourishing. Roman poet-philosopher Virgil works have been classic texts of Roman history and the Latin language for 2000 years. Male English -
Virgil staff bearer, strong Male Filipino -
Virgil unknown Male Latin -
Virgilia Staff bearer. Female Latin -
Virgilio Spanish form of Virgil 'profiting'. Male Spanish -
Virgina Chaste; virginal. Female Latin -
Virginia Chaste; virginal. Female English -
Virginia Pure. Female Italian -
Virginia chaste, maiden Female Latin Virginie, Virgie, Virgy, Gina, Ginia, Ginny, Ginni, Ginger, Jinny
Viri Flower of Pleasant Fragrance Female Indian -
Viridianai Green. An Italian saint's name. Female Latin -
Viridis youthful and blooming Female Latin -
Virika Bravery Female Bengali -
Virika brave one Female Filipino -
Virika Bravery Female Hindi -
Virika Bravery Female Indian -
Virikvas Lord Indra Male Indian -
Virilis Fortuna's surname. Female Latin -
Virinch Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Virinchi Brahma Male Bengali -
Virinchi Brahma Male Indian -
Virini Female Hindu -
Virini Of Whom the Brave are Born; A Mother of Sons Female Indian -
Virini N/A Male Indian -
Virja N/A Female Indian -
Virko N/A Male Indian -
Virmani N/A Male Indian -
Virocana Illuminating Female Indian -
Virocana Illuminating Male Indian -
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