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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Virochan Moon; Fire Male Indian -
Virohan Budding Male Indian -
Virohin Sprouting Male Indian -
Virok A Ray of Light Male Indian -
Virom N/A Male Indian -
Viroomal N/A Male Indian -
Virote power Male Thai -
Virta Bravery Female Indian -
Virthya N/A Male Indian -
Virtus Virtue. Female Latin -
Virudh Opposition Male Indian -
Virudha Sprouting; Grown; Formed Female Indian -
Viruj In Good Health Male Indian -
Virukmat Shining Brightly Male Indian -
Virun Lord Krishna's Son Male Indian -
Virupa Manifold; Variegated Female Indian -
Virupaksa Diversely Eyed Male Indian -
Virurch The Holy Trinity Male Bengali -
Virurch The Holy Trinity Male Indian -
Virva To Pour Water to God Female Indian -
Viryaj The Sun Male Indian -
Viryavat Strong; Powerful Male Indian -
Viryvati Strong; Powerful Female Indian -
Visa Wood Grain Male Indian -
Visagan N/A Male Indian -
Visakha Branched Male Indian -
Visal excellent; large Male Cambodian -
Visal Spacious Male Indian -
Visala celestial Apsara Female Assemese -
Visala Celestial Apsara Female Hindi -
Visala celestial Apsara Female Hindu -
Visala Celestial Apsara Female Indian -
Visala Spacious Male Indian -
Visalam Broad Minded Female Indian -
Visalatchi N/A Female Indian -
Visalini N/A Female Indian -
Visamaksh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Visant Male Breton -
Visarjan Excret Male Indian -
Visesa Distinguished Male Indian -
Visesha N/A Male Indian -
Viseth excellent; superb Male Cambodian -
Vish Poison Male Indian -
Visha Star Female Indian -
Visha Poison Male Indian -
Vishaakhaa Sixteenth Nakshatra Female Indian -
Vishaal Broad Male Indian -
Vishaalaaksh large eyed Male Bengali -
Vishaalaaksh Large Eyed Male Indian -
Vishad Enlarge Male Indian -
Vishadh Pure; Brilliant Male Indian -
Vishaka Stars Female Bengali -
Vishaka Stars Female Hindi -
Vishaka Stars Female Indian -
Vishakh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vishakha A star Female Assemese -
Vishakha A Star Female Indian -
Vishakha Branched Male Indian -
Vishal Male Hindu -
Vishal Huge; Broad; Great; Immense Male Indian -
Vishala Wide; Spacious Female Bengali -
Vishala Wide; Spacious Female Indian -
Vishala N/A Male Indian -
Vishalaksh Large Eyed Male Bengali -
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