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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yeva live-giving Female Russian -
Yevhen Noble. Male Ukrainian -
Yevheniy Noble. Male Ukrainian -
Yevon Female Hebrew -
Ygeme Mother of Arthur. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Ygraine In Arthurian legend Igrayne is mother of Arthur. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Yi firm and resolute Male Chinese -
Yiftach Opens Male Hebrew -
Yigal He will redeem Male Hebrew -
Yigit Male Turkish -
Yigol Shall be redeemed Male Hebrew -
Yindee pleasure Female Thai -
Yindi Sunlight Female Indian -
Ying clever; eagle Female Chinese -
Ying or feminine Female Thai -
Yingjie brave and heroic Male Chinese -
Yingtai flower terrace Female Chinese -
Yirmaya a form of Jeremiah Male Hebrew -
Yishai a form of Jesse Male Hebrew -
Yishmael God will hear Male Hebrew -
Yiska The night has passed (Navajo). Male Native-American -
Yisrael God has wrestled Male Hebrew -
Yissachar Reward Male Hebrew -
Yitro Abundance Male Hebrew -
Yitro N/A Male Indian -
Yitzchack a form of Isaac Male Hebrew -
Yitzchak Laughter Male Hebrew -
Yjo Finnish form of George. Male Finnish -
Yjo Farmer. Male Greek -
Ylwa she-wolf Female Scandinavian Ylva
Ymir A mythical giant. Male Norse -
Ynes Chaste. Variant of Agnes. Female French -
Ynez Chaste. Variant of Agnes. Female French -
Ynez Pure Male Indian -
Yngvar of Ing's army Male Norse Ingvarr
Yngve Master. Male Swedish -
Yo positive Female Japanese -
Yo el God prevails Male Hebrew -
Yoana a form ofJoana Female Hebrew -
Yoanna a form ofJoana Female Hebrew -
Yoau God saves. Male Basque -
Yoav God is father Male Hebrew -
Yobachi pray to God Male African -
Yochan Thought Male Indian -
Yochana Thought Female Bengali -
Yochana Thought Female Hindi -
Yochana Thought Female Indian -
Yochanan a form of John Male Hebrew -
Yocheved Glory of God Female Hebrew -
Yod Rak beloved Male Thai -
Yoel God prevails Male Hebrew -
Yog Concentration; Meditation Male Indian -
Yoga An Art of Achieving Happiness Female Indian -
Yoga Sun and Sprout; Concentration; Meditation; Yoga Male Indian -
Yogadev Lord of Meditation Male Indian -
Yogadeva Lord of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogadhipa The Lord of Meditation Male Indian -
Yogaj Arising from Meditation Male Indian -
Yogamay Power of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogamaya Magical Power of Yoga Female Indian -
Yogammal N/A Female Indian -
Yoganand Delighted With Meditation Male Assemese -
Yoganand Delighted With Meditation Male Bengali -
Yoganand Delighted with Meditation Male Indian -
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