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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yosef, Yosefu God will add Male Filipino -
Yosefa He shall add Female Hebrew -
Yosepha God will multiply Female Hebrew -
Yosephina God will multiply Female Hebrew -
Yoseppu N/A Male Indian -
Yosha Young Woman; Maid Female Indian -
Yoshaveni Modesty Female Indian -
Yoshe beauty Female Filipino -
Yoshi good Female Japanese -
Yoshi Better; Best Male Indian -
Yoshi better, best Male Japanese -
Yoshi, Yoshino good, respectful Female Filipino -
Yoshie good bay Female Japanese -
Yoshifumi Male Japanese -
Yoshikazu good and harmonious Male Japanese -
Yoshiko good child Female Filipino -
Yoshiko child of Yoshi Female Japanese -
Yoshimasa good luck; correctness Female Japanese -
Yoshimitsu Male Japanese -
Yoshini N/A Female Indian -
Yoshino N/A Male Indian -
Yoshinori righteous principles Male Japanese -
Yoshita Lady Female Assemese -
Yoshita Women Female Indian -
Yoshito good and lucky man Male Japanese -
Yoshiyuki Male Japanese -
Yosita Lady Female Indian -
Yosu a form of Jesus Male Hebrew -
Yotikra N/A Male Indian -
Yotu Purifying Male Indian -
You friend Male Chinese -
Young forever; unchanging Male Korean -
Young-Il most prosperous Female Korean -
Young-Jae mountains of prosperity Male Korean -
Young-Soo keeping prosperity Male Korean -
Young-Soon flowery and mild Female Korean -
Youseef a form of Joseph Male Hebrew -
Yousef God will increase Male Filipino -
Yousef a form of Joseph Male Hebrew -
Yousha Young Girl Female Hindi -
Yousha Young Girl Female Indian -
Yousha Young Girl Male Indian -
Youssef, Yusef, Yusuf To increase (in power and influence); a Prophets name (Joseph) Male Muslim -
Youssel a form of Joseph Male Hebrew -
Yousuf / Yousef A Prophet, the biblical Joseph, son of Prophet Yaqub. Son of Jacob. Male Afghan -
Yoval rejoicing Male Hebrew -
Yovan N/A Male Indian -
Yovela jubilee Female Filipino -
Yovela rejoicing Female Hebrew -
Yowan Young; Jawani Male Indian -
Yoyi a form of George Male Hebrew -
Yranig blessed Female Armenian -
Yrsa Female Scandinavian -
Ysabel Medieval form of Isabel: devoted to God. Female French -
Ysabel Italian form of Isabel: conseacrated to God. Female Italian -
Ysabelle Italian form of Isabel: conseacrated to God. Female Italian -
Ysbaddaden A giant. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Ysbail Spoiled Female Welsh -
Ysberin Legendary son of Fflergant. Male Welsh -
Yseult Fair. Female Celtic -
Yseult Fair. Female French -
Yseult Ruler of ice. Female German -
Ysgarran Male Welsh -
Ysgawyn Legendary son of Panon. Male Welsh -
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