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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yoko Positive Child or Female Female Indian -
Yoko positive Female Japanese -
Yoko Good; Positive Male Indian -
Yoland violet flower Female Filipino -
Yolanda violet flower Female Filipino -
Yolanda Variant of Yolande: Violet flower; strong. Female French -
Yolanda violet flower, modest Female Greek Yolande, Yolantha, Iolanthe, Iolande, Eolande, Jolanda, Jolaunda, Jo, Yo, Landa
Yolanda The Flower Violet Female Indian -
Yolande Violet flower; strong. Female French -
Yolande Variant of Iolanthe: Violet flower. Female Greek -
Yolanthe Strong. Female French -
Yolonda Variant of Violet: flower. Female French -
Yolotzyn Little Heart Female Bengali -
Yolotzyn Little Heart Female Indian -
Yoman Retainer. Male English -
Yomaris I am the sun Female Spanish Maris, Marisol
Yon lotus blossom Female Korean -
Yon lotus blossom Male Korean -
Yona Dove Female Hebrew -
Yonah dove Both Filipino -
Yonah a form of Jonah Male Hebrew -
Yonas Dove Male African -
Yonatan Given by God Male Hebrew -
Yong brave or perpetual Female Korean -
Yong brave Male Chinese -
Yong brave or perpetual Male Korean -
Yong-sun dragon in first position Male Korean -
Yong-Yut good in fighting Female Thai -
Yongari N/A Female Indian -
Yongnian eternal years Male Chinese -
Yongrui forever lucky Male Chinese -
Yonie a familiar form of Yonina Female Hebrew -
Yonina Dove Female Hebrew -
Yoninah dove Female Hebrew Yonina
Yonis a form of Yonus Male Hebrew -
Yonita Dove Female Hebrew -
Yonita Dove Female Indian -
Yonna Dove Female Indian -
Yonos / Yones / Younos Jonah, A prophet. Male Afghan -
Yonus dove Male Hebrew -
Yoon allow; consent Female Korean -
Yoonus Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yoormilai One who can Control Senses Female Indian -
Yoorvasi One who can Concentrate Female Indian -
Yooseph N/A Male Indian -
Yooseph Male Unknown -
Yoosuf Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yoram God is high Male Hebrew -
Yorath Worthy lord. Male Welsh -
Yordana Descended from Female Hebrew -
Yori reliable Female Filipino -
Yori dependence Male Japanese -
Yorick farmer Male Filipino -
York Yew tree. Male Celtic -
York From the bear estate. Male English -
York from the town of Eburos Male Filipino -
York yew tree, from the farm of yew trees Male Old-English, Celtic Yorick
York Henry V and VI: Richard Plantagenet, later Duke of York. His son, Richard. 'Henry IV, 1' Richard Scroop, Archbishop of York. Sir Richard Vernon. 'Richard II' The king. Richard, Duke of York, Edward IV's son. 'Richard III' Archbishop of York. Male Shakespearean -
York Archibald 1' Earl of March. Scroop 'King Henry IV, Part 1' The Earl of Male Shakespearean -
Yosana Girl Female Indian -
Yoseba God will multiply Female Hebrew -
Yosebe God will multiply Female Hebrew -
Yosef he will increase Male Hebrew -
Yosef Form of Joseph; God Adds; Son of Jacob and Rachel Male Indian -
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