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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yusr Ease Convenience Male Arabic
Yusr Ease, Convenience Male Muslim
Yusra Proper name, success, prosperous Female Arabic
Yusra Proper Name Female Indian
Yusra Prosperous Female Muslim
Yusra, Yusraa Most prosperous Female Muslim
Yusraa Proper name Female Bengali
Yusraa Proper Name Female Indian
Yusri Well to do, wealthy Male Arabic
Yusri Comfort Male Muslim
Yusriyah Most prosperous Female Arabic
Yusriyah Most prosperous Female Muslim
Yusriyya Rich, prosperous Female Arabic
Yusuf Form of JOSEPH - God shall add Male Muslim
Yusur Prosperous. Female Arabic
Yusur Prosperous Female Muslim
Yuta Praise Female Hebrew
Yutajit Victorious Male Indian
Yutaka Male Japanese
Yuthakon warrior Male Thai
Yuthika Multitude Female Indian
Yuthiraj N/A Male Indian
Yuti union Female Assemese
Yuti Union Female Indian
Yutika Flower Female Hindi
Yutika Flower Female Indian
Yutish N/A Male Indian
Yutsuko child of Yutso Female Japanese
Yuudai great hero Male Japanese
Yuva Youth Male Indian
Yuvakshi Beautiful eyes Female Bengali
Yuvakshi Beautiful Eyes Female Indian
Yuvakumar Young Boy Male Indian
Yuval Brook Male Assemese
Yuval brook Male Filipino
Yuval Rejoicing Male Hebrew
Yuval Brook Male Indian
Yuvan Young Male Indian
Yuvanath Lord or Prince of Youthfulness Male Indian
Yuvanav Youth Male Indian
Yuvani Beautiful Female Indian
Yuvansh Young Generation Male Indian
Yuvaraani Princess Female Assemese
Yuvaraani Princess Female Indian
Yuvaraj Prince; Heir Apparent Male Indian
Yuvaraja Son of the King; Crown Prince Male Indian
Yuvarajan Prince Male Indian
Yuvaram N/A Male Indian
Yuvarani Young Queen Female Bengali
Yuvarani Young Queen Female Indian
Yuvasri Beautiful Female Indian
Yuvati Young Lady Female Hindi
Yuvati Young Lady Female Indian
Yuven Prince Male Indian
Yuvika Young Girl Female Assemese
Yuvika Young Woman; Maid Female Indian
Yuvina Young Lady Female Indian
Yuvna Young; Strong; Healthy Female Indian
Yuvraani Princess Female Indian
Yuvraj A Prince Male Indian
Yuvrani Princess Female Indian
Yuyutsu Eager To Fight Male Bengali
Yuyutsu Eager to Fight Male Indian
Yves Yew Male Filipino
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