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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yusr Ease Convenience Male Arabic -
Yusr Ease, Convenience Male Muslim -
Yusra Proper name, success, prosperous Female Arabic -
Yusra Proper Name Female Indian -
Yusra Prosperous Female Muslim -
Yusra, Yusraa Most prosperous Female Muslim -
Yusraa Proper name Female Bengali -
Yusraa Proper Name Female Indian -
Yusri Well to do, wealthy Male Arabic -
Yusri Comfort Male Muslim -
Yusriyah Most prosperous Female Arabic -
Yusriyah Most prosperous Female Muslim -
Yusriyya Rich, prosperous Female Arabic -
Yusuf Form of JOSEPH - God shall add Male Muslim -
Yusur Prosperous. Female Arabic -
Yusur Prosperous Female Muslim -
Yuta Praise Female Hebrew -
Yutajit Victorious Male Indian -
Yutaka Male Japanese -
Yuthakon warrior Male Thai -
Yuthika Multitude Female Indian -
Yuthiraj N/A Male Indian -
Yuti union Female Assemese -
Yuti Union Female Indian -
Yutika Flower Female Hindi -
Yutika Flower Female Indian -
Yutish N/A Male Indian -
Yutsuko child of Yutso Female Japanese -
Yuudai great hero Male Japanese -
Yuva Youth Male Indian -
Yuvakshi Beautiful eyes Female Bengali -
Yuvakshi Beautiful Eyes Female Indian -
Yuvakumar Young Boy Male Indian -
Yuval Brook Male Assemese -
Yuval brook Male Filipino -
Yuval Rejoicing Male Hebrew -
Yuval Brook Male Indian -
Yuvan Young Male Indian -
Yuvanath Lord or Prince of Youthfulness Male Indian -
Yuvanav Youth Male Indian -
Yuvani Beautiful Female Indian -
Yuvansh Young Generation Male Indian -
Yuvaraani Princess Female Assemese -
Yuvaraani Princess Female Indian -
Yuvaraj Prince; Heir Apparent Male Indian -
Yuvaraja Son of the King; Crown Prince Male Indian -
Yuvarajan Prince Male Indian -
Yuvaram N/A Male Indian -
Yuvarani Young Queen Female Bengali -
Yuvarani Young Queen Female Indian -
Yuvasri Beautiful Female Indian -
Yuvati Young Lady Female Hindi -
Yuvati Young Lady Female Indian -
Yuven Prince Male Indian -
Yuvika Young Girl Female Assemese -
Yuvika Young Woman; Maid Female Indian -
Yuvina Young Lady Female Indian -
Yuvna Young; Strong; Healthy Female Indian -
Yuvraani Princess Female Indian -
Yuvraj A Prince Male Indian -
Yuvrani Princess Female Indian -
Yuyutsu Eager To Fight Male Bengali -
Yuyutsu Eager to Fight Male Indian -
Yves Yew Male Filipino -
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