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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Samadu Daughter Female Indian -
Samah a form of Sami Female Hebrew -
Samah Beautiful Sky Female Indian -
Samah Generosity Female Muslim -
Samah, Samaah Generosity Female Muslim -
Samaira Enchanting Female Arabic -
Samaira Enchanting Female Indian -
Samaira Enchanting Female Muslim -
Samaja Equal Female Indian -
Samajya Fame; Reputation Female Indian -
Samakhya Fame; Celebrity Female Indian -
Samala asked of God Female Hebrew -
Samali Bouquet Female Assemese -
Samali Bouquet Female Bengali -
Samali Bouquet Female Hindi -
Samali Bouquet Female Indian -
Samalika Chain of Flowers Female Indian -
Saman Jasmine. Female Afghan -
Samanatha a form of Samantha Female Hebrew -
Samanfa a form of Samantha Female Hebrew -
Samanmitha Equal to All; Pleasing Female Indian -
Samanta a form of Samantha Female Hebrew -
Samantha listens well Female Aramaic Sammy, Sammi
Samantha Listener of God Female Filipino -
Samantha told by God; listener Female Hebrew -
Samantha Listener; Flower; Told by God; Beautiful Flower; God Heard Female Indian -
Samanvi One who Poses All Best Qualities Female Indian -
Samanvita Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Samanvitha Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Samapti Wealth Female Assemese -
Samapti Wealth Female Bengali -
Samapti Wealth Female Indian -
Samar Story, story at night, by-word. Female Afghan -
Samar Evening conversation Female Arabic -
Samar Evening Conversations Female Indian -
Samar Evening conversation Female Muslim -
Samara Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith Female Arabic -
Samara mountain, outlook, ruled by God, guarded by God; seedling Female Hebrew, Latin -
Samara Guarded; Protected by God Female Indian -
Samarah Soft light Female Arabic -
Samarah Soft light Female Muslim -
Samarasa Having Equal Bliss Female Indian -
Samaria Watch-mountain. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Samasti All That is Reaching; The Universe Female Indian -
Samata Equality Female Indian -
Samatha a form of Samantha Female Hebrew -
Samawah Summit, height Female Arabic -
Samawah Summit, height Female Muslim -
Samaya Timeless Female Bengali -
Samba Peace Female Indian -
Sambar Liquid Female Indian -
Sambathkumari Beautiful Female Indian -
Sambavati N/A Female Indian -
Sambha To Shine; Bright Female Indian -
Sambhavi Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Sambhooti N/A Female Indian -
Sambodhi Full of Knowledge Female Indian -
Samboornadevi Bouquet Female Indian -
Samboornavalli Dedicating Female Indian -
Sambudhi Knowledgeable Female Indian -
Samdisha Same in All Directions Female Indian -
Sameea One who listens Female Arabic -
Sameea One who listens Female Muslim -
Sameeha Generous blessing of Allah Female Arabic -
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