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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Sahoj Strong Female Assemese
Sahoj Strong Female Bengali
Sahoj Strong Female Hindi
Sahoj Strong Female Indian
Sahra a form of Sarah Female Hebrew
Sahrish Sunrise. Female Arabic
Sahrish Sunrise Female Muslim
Sahrudee Kind Hearted Female Indian
Sahura Strong; The Earth Female Indian
Sahya A Name of a Mountain in India Female Indian
Sai Natural Female Indian
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith Female Arabic
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith Female Muslim
Saida fortunate one Female Arabic
Saida Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly Female Muslim
Saidah happy, fortunate Female African
Saidah Happy, fortunate Female Arabic
Saidah Happy, fortunate Female Muslim
Saihah Good, useful Female Arabic
Saihah Good, useful Female Muslim
Saijayani Personification of Victory; A Name for Shirdi Sai Baba Female Indian
Saikara Cherry Blossoms of the World Female Indian
Saikirana A Beam of Light from Deity Saibaba Female Indian
Saila Sunshine. Female Arabic
Saila Dwelling in the Mountains Female Indian
Saila Sunshine Female Muslim
Sailaja Lord Parvati; Daughter of Parvatha Female Indian
Sailee Name of Flower; Shadow of Lord Sai Indian Female Indian
Sailendri Goddess Parvati Female Indian
Saili Carved in Rock; Style; Custom Female Indian
Saima Keeps fasts Female Arabic
Saima Mother of Flowers Female Indian
Saima Keeps fasts Female Muslim
Saimah Fasting Female Arabic
Saimah Fasting Female Muslim
Saina Princess Female Indian
Saineha Lord Sairam Female Indian
Saini Fasting Woman Female Indian
Saiqa Lightning. Female Arabic
Saiqa Lightning Female Muslim
Saira Happy Female Arabic
Saira a form of Sara Female Hebrew
Saira Happy; Beautiful; Traveller Female Indian
Saira Happy Female Muslim
Sairah One who travels. Female Arabic
Sairah Beautiful Female Indian
Sairah One who travels Female Muslim
Sairish Magic, flower Female Arabic
Sairish Magic, flower Female Muslim
Saisha God Female Bengali
Saisha God Female Indian
Saisnigda Special Female Indian
Saiyette Princess Female Indian
Saja to be calm and quiet Female Arabic
Saja to be calm and quiet Female Muslim
Sajala Clouds Female Assemese
Sajala Clouds Female Indian
Sajani Beloved; Loving; Well Loved Female Hindi
Sajani Loving; Well Loved Female Indian
Sajidah Prostrating to Allah Female Arabic
Sajidah Prostrating to God Female Muslim
Sajili Decorated Female Assemese
Sajili decorated Female Hindu
Sajili Decorated Female Indian
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