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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sahoj Strong Female Assemese -
Sahoj Strong Female Bengali -
Sahoj Strong Female Hindi -
Sahoj Strong Female Indian -
Sahra a form of Sarah Female Hebrew -
Sahrish Sunrise. Female Arabic -
Sahrish Sunrise Female Muslim -
Sahrudee Kind Hearted Female Indian -
Sahura Strong; The Earth Female Indian -
Sahya A Name of a Mountain in India Female Indian -
Sai Natural Female Indian -
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith Female Arabic -
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith Female Muslim -
Saida fortunate one Female Arabic -
Saida Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly Female Muslim -
Saidah happy, fortunate Female African -
Saidah Happy, fortunate Female Arabic -
Saidah Happy, fortunate Female Muslim -
Saihah Good, useful Female Arabic -
Saihah Good, useful Female Muslim -
Saijayani Personification of Victory; A Name for Shirdi Sai Baba Female Indian -
Saikara Cherry Blossoms of the World Female Indian -
Saikirana A Beam of Light from Deity Saibaba Female Indian -
Saila Sunshine. Female Arabic -
Saila Dwelling in the Mountains Female Indian -
Saila Sunshine Female Muslim -
Sailaja Lord Parvati; Daughter of Parvatha Female Indian -
Sailee Name of Flower; Shadow of Lord Sai Indian Female Indian -
Sailendri Goddess Parvati Female Indian -
Saili Carved in Rock; Style; Custom Female Indian -
Saima Keeps fasts Female Arabic -
Saima Mother of Flowers Female Indian -
Saima Keeps fasts Female Muslim -
Saimah Fasting Female Arabic -
Saimah Fasting Female Muslim -
Saina Princess Female Indian -
Saineha Lord Sairam Female Indian -
Saini Fasting Woman Female Indian -
Saiqa Lightning. Female Arabic -
Saiqa Lightning Female Muslim -
Saira Happy Female Arabic -
Saira a form of Sara Female Hebrew -
Saira Happy; Beautiful; Traveller Female Indian -
Saira Happy Female Muslim -
Sairah One who travels. Female Arabic -
Sairah Beautiful Female Indian -
Sairah One who travels Female Muslim -
Sairish Magic, flower Female Arabic -
Sairish Magic, flower Female Muslim -
Saisha God Female Bengali -
Saisha God Female Indian -
Saisnigda Special Female Indian -
Saiyette Princess Female Indian -
Saja to be calm and quiet Female Arabic -
Saja to be calm and quiet Female Muslim -
Sajala Clouds Female Assemese -
Sajala Clouds Female Indian -
Sajani Beloved; Loving; Well Loved Female Hindi -
Sajani Loving; Well Loved Female Indian -
Sajidah Prostrating to Allah Female Arabic -
Sajidah Prostrating to God Female Muslim -
Sajili Decorated Female Assemese -
Sajili decorated Female Hindu -
Sajili Decorated Female Indian -
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