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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sajni Beloved Female Bengali -
Sajni beloved Female Hindu -
Sajni Beloved Female Indian -
Sakae prosperous Female Japanese -
Sakala Complete Female Indian -
Sakari sweet Female Native-American -
Sakeena Serenity, tranquility Female Arabic -
Sakeena God-inspired Peace of Mind; Tranquillity Female Indian -
Sakeenah Calm, quiet and tranquil Female Arabic -
Sakeenah Calm, quiet and tranquil Female Muslim -
Saket Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Saketha Shri Krishna Female Assemese -
Saketha Shri Krishna Female Indian -
Sakhee Tranquility Female Indian -
Sakhi Friend Female Indian -
Sakhmet Mythical goddess worshipped in Memphis; lioness. Female Egyptian -
Sakhya Friendship Female Indian -
Sakiko child of Saki Female Japanese -
Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith Female Arabic -
Sakina Friend Female Hindi -
Sakina Friend Female Indian -
Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith Female Muslim -
Sakina / Sakeena Comfort, ease, tranquillity, repose. Female Afghan -
Sakinah god-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquility Female Arabic Sakina
Sakinah Allah-inspired peace of mind Female Muslim -
Sakinah, Sakeena God inspired peace of mind, tranquility Female Muslim -
Sakiya cherry blossom growing Female Japanese -
Sakshi Witness Female Assemese -
Sakshi Witness Female Bengali -
Sakshi Witness Female Hindi -
Sakshi Witness Female Indian -
Sakthi Power Female Indian -
Sakti energy, goodness Female Hindu -
Sakti Energy; Goodness Female Indian -
Sakuko child of Saku Female Japanese -
Sakula Loving; Well Loved Female Indian -
Sakuntala Bird Female Indian -
Sakunthala Friend Female Indian -
Sakunthaladevi Witness Female Indian -
Sakura Beautiful Flower Female Indian -
Sakura cherry blossoms Female Japanese -
Sakurako child of Sakura Female Japanese -
Sal Diminutive of Sally (from Sarah: princess). Female English -
Salacia Wife of Neptune. Female Latin -
Salal a plant Female English -
Salama Peace Female African -
Salamis Shaken, test, beaten. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Salcah Thy basket, thy lifting up. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Saleema Well, perfect Female Arabic -
Saleema Safe; Healthy Female Indian -
Saleemah Healthy, Sound. Female Arabic -
Saleemah Healthy, Sound Female Muslim -
Saleen From a salty place. Female Latin -
Saleena Moon Female Arabic -
Saleha / Saliha Pious, sighteous, upright. Female of Saleh. Female Afghan -
Salem Complete or perfect peace. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Salena Variant of Sally (from Sarah: princess). Female English -
Salena Variant of Selina: Moon goddess. Female Greek -
Salena The Moon Female Indian -
Salena From a salty place. Female Latin -
Saleshni N/A Female Indian -
Saley plant used in beer Female Cambodian -
Salifah Previous. Female Arabic -
Salifah Previous Female Muslim -
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