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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Salihah correct Female African -
Salihah Good, useful, righteous, devout Female Arabic -
Salihah Agreeable. Female Egyptian -
Salihah Correct, agreeable Female Muslim -
Salikah Following; Mystic Female Arabic -
Salikah Following; Mystic Female Muslim -
Salila Water Female Assemese -
Salila Water Female Hindi -
Salila Water Female Indian -
Salim Foxes, fists, path. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Salima Happy Female Bengali -
Salima Happy Female Indian -
Salima / Saleema Sound, affable, healthy, guarded. Female of Salim. Female Afghan -
Salima, Salimah, Selima Safe, healthy Female Muslim -
Salimah safe, healthy Female Arabic -
Salimah Sound, safe, healthy Female Muslim -
Salimah, Saleema Peaceful, flawless, faultless, safe, healthy Female Muslim -
Salina Variant of Sally (from Sarah: princess). Female English -
Salina Variant of Selina: Moon goddess. Female Greek -
Salina From a salty place. Female Latin -
Salina by the salt water; solemn Female Latin, French Saleena
Saline From a salty place. Female Latin -
Salini With a Fixed Abode; Settled Female Indian -
Sallie Princess Female Hebrew -
Sally Diminutive of Sarah: princess. Sally is now considered a name in its own right. Female English -
Sally saviour Female Spanish Salaidh, Sallye, Salli, Sallie, Sal
Salma To be safe, peaceful. Female Afghan -
Salma Safe Female African -
Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Female Arabic -
Salma Peaceful Female Assemese -
Salma Peace Female Indian -
Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Female Muslim -
Salmaa Peaceful Female Arabic -
Salmaa Peaceful Female Muslim -
Salmali Garlanded with the Salmali Trees Female Indian -
Salmavati Peaceful Female Indian -
Saloma peace Female Hebrew Salome
Salome Peaceable; perfect; she that rewards Female Biblical -
Salome welcome, peace Female Filipino -
Salome Tranquil Female Hebrew -
Saloni Beautiful Female Hindi -
Saloni dear, beautiful Female Hindu -
Saloni Beautiful Female Indian -
Salonia Peace Female Indian -
Saloshini N/A Female Indian -
Salsabeel Spring in Jannah Female Arabic -
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise Female Arabic -
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise Female Muslim -
Salsabil, Salsabeel Spring in Jannah Female Muslim -
Salva Wise. Female Latin -
Salvia Wise. Female Latin -
Salvina Wise. Female Latin -
Salvinia Wise. Female Latin -
Salwa solace; comfort Female Arabic Salva
Salwa Quail; Solace Female Assemese -
Salwa Quail; Solace Female Indian -
Salwa Solace; quail Female Muslim -
Sam third in order Female Korean -
Sama Weather Female Indian -
Samaa Sky Female Arabic -
Samaa Sky Female Muslim -
Samaah Generosity Female Arabic -
Samaah Generosity Female Indian -
Samadrita Beloved Female Indian -
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