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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Salihah correct Female African
Salihah Good, useful, righteous, devout Female Arabic
Salihah Agreeable. Female Egyptian
Salihah Correct, agreeable Female Muslim
Salikah Following; Mystic Female Arabic
Salikah Following; Mystic Female Muslim
Salila Water Female Assemese
Salila Water Female Hindi
Salila Water Female Indian
Salim Foxes, fists, path. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Salima Happy Female Bengali
Salima Happy Female Indian
Salima / Saleema Sound, affable, healthy, guarded. Female of Salim. Female Afghan
Salima, Salimah, Selima Safe, healthy Female Muslim
Salimah safe, healthy Female Arabic
Salimah Sound, safe, healthy Female Muslim
Salimah, Saleema Peaceful, flawless, faultless, safe, healthy Female Muslim
Salina Variant of Sally (from Sarah: princess). Female English
Salina Variant of Selina: Moon goddess. Female Greek
Salina From a salty place. Female Latin
Salina by the salt water; solemn Female Latin, French
Saline From a salty place. Female Latin
Salini With a Fixed Abode; Settled Female Indian
Sallie Princess Female Hebrew
Sally Diminutive of Sarah: princess. Sally is now considered a name in its own right. Female English
Sally saviour Female Spanish
Salma To be safe, peaceful. Female Afghan
Salma Safe Female African
Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Female Arabic
Salma Peaceful Female Assemese
Salma Peace Female Indian
Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Female Muslim
Salmaa Peaceful Female Arabic
Salmaa Peaceful Female Muslim
Salmali Garlanded with the Salmali Trees Female Indian
Salmavati Peaceful Female Indian
Saloma peace Female Hebrew
Salome Peaceable; perfect; she that rewards Female Biblical
Salome welcome, peace Female Filipino
Salome Tranquil Female Hebrew
Saloni Beautiful Female Hindi
Saloni dear, beautiful Female Hindu
Saloni Beautiful Female Indian
Salonia Peace Female Indian
Saloshini N/A Female Indian
Salsabeel Spring in Jannah Female Arabic
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise Female Arabic
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise Female Muslim
Salsabil, Salsabeel Spring in Jannah Female Muslim
Salva Wise. Female Latin
Salvia Wise. Female Latin
Salvina Wise. Female Latin
Salvinia Wise. Female Latin
Salwa solace; comfort Female Arabic
Salwa Quail; Solace Female Assemese
Salwa Quail; Solace Female Indian
Salwa Solace; quail Female Muslim
Sam third in order Female Korean
Sama Weather Female Indian
Samaa Sky Female Arabic
Samaa Sky Female Muslim
Samaah Generosity Female Arabic
Samaah Generosity Female Indian
Samadrita Beloved Female Indian
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