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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Elaskolatat Nez Perce name meaning animal running into the ground. Male Native-American -
Elath A hind, strength, an oak. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Elavali N/A Male Indian -
Elavarasan Prince; also Ilavarasan & Elavarasu Male Bengali -
Elavarasan Prince Male Indian -
Elavarasu Prince Male Indian -
Elavendhan The Honourable Person in the World Male Indian -
Elayaraj King of the Earth Male Indian -
Elazar Help of God. Male Basque -
Elazar God has helped Male Hebrew -
Elazar Aaron's Son and High Priest; God Helped; The Lord Will Help; King Male Indian -
Elba Italian place name. Male Italian -
Elbert Noble. Male English -
Elbert Bright; famous. Male German -
Elbert Nobly intelligent. Male Teutonic -
Elbow 'Measure for Measure' A simple constable. Male Shakespearean -
Elchanan a form of John Male Hebrew -
Eldaah Knowledge of God. Male Biblical -
Eldad 'Favored of God, love of God' Male Biblical -
Eldan From the elves'valley. Male English -
Elden From the elves'valley 'From the old town.' Surname. Male English -
Elden older Male Old-English Elder, Alder, Eldred
Elden The elder. Male Teutonic -
Elder One's elder (older person); elder tree. Male English -
Eldgrim KiIled by Hrut Hejolfsson. Male Norse -
Eldon Foreign hill Male Anglo -
Eldon From the elves' valley, from the old town. From a surname and place name. Male English -
Eldon Ella's mound Male Old-English -
Eldon The elder. Male Teutonic -
Eldred Wise advisor. Male Anglo -
Eldred Variant of Aldred: From the Old English Ealdraed, meaning old counsel, wise or red haired man, old wise ruler. Male English -
Eldred Battle counselor. Male Teutonic -
Eldrian Old/wise ruler. Male English -
Eldrick Old/wise ruler. Male English -
Eldrid Wise advisor. Male Anglo -
Eldridge Old/wise ruler. Male English -
Eldridge Wise leader. Male German -
Eldridge old counsel Male Old-English Elbridge
Eldridge Battle counselor. Male Teutonic -
Eldur From the elder tree. Male English -
Eldwin Wise advisor. Male Anglo -
Eldwin Old/wise ruler. Male English -
Eldwin old friend Male Old-German -
Eldwyn Courage. Male Anglo -
Elead Witness of God Male Biblical -
Elealeh Burnt-offering of God. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Eleazar Help of God; court of God Male Biblical -
Eleazar God has helped Male Hebrew -
Eleazaro a form of Eleazar Male Hebrew -
Eledon Leader's hill. Male English -
Eleftherios Free. Male Greek -
Elek Defender of man. Male Greek -
Elek helper and defender of mankind Male Hungarian -
Elek Blond. Male Polish -
Elemer Awe inspiring. Male Teutonic -
Elenek Avid; eager. Male Hawaiian -
Eleph Learning. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Elesh King Male Indian -
Eleutherios Free. Male Greek -
Eleyaraj King Male Indian -
Eleyaraja N/A Male Indian -
Elgan Bright Circle Male Indian -
Elgan bright circle Male Welsh -
Elgar Shining spear. Male Teutonic -
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