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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Elaskolatat Nez Perce name meaning animal running into the ground. Male Native-American
Elath A hind, strength, an oak. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Elavali N/A Male Indian
Elavarasan Prince; also Ilavarasan & Elavarasu Male Bengali
Elavarasan Prince Male Indian
Elavarasu Prince Male Indian
Elavendhan The Honourable Person in the World Male Indian
Elayaraj King of the Earth Male Indian
Elazar Help of God. Male Basque
Elazar God has helped Male Hebrew
Elazar Aaron's Son and High Priest; God Helped; The Lord Will Help; King Male Indian
Elba Italian place name. Male Italian
Elbert Noble. Male English
Elbert Bright; famous. Male German
Elbert Nobly intelligent. Male Teutonic
Elbow 'Measure for Measure' A simple constable. Male Shakespearean
Elchanan a form of John Male Hebrew
Eldaah Knowledge of God. Male Biblical
Eldad 'Favored of God, love of God' Male Biblical
Eldan From the elves'valley. Male English
Elden From the elves'valley 'From the old town.' Surname. Male English
Elden older Male Old-English
Elden The elder. Male Teutonic
Elder One's elder (older person); elder tree. Male English
Eldgrim KiIled by Hrut Hejolfsson. Male Norse
Eldon Foreign hill Male Anglo
Eldon From the elves' valley, from the old town. From a surname and place name. Male English
Eldon Ella's mound Male Old-English
Eldon The elder. Male Teutonic
Eldred Wise advisor. Male Anglo
Eldred Variant of Aldred: From the Old English Ealdraed, meaning old counsel, wise or red haired man, old wise ruler. Male English
Eldred Battle counselor. Male Teutonic
Eldrian Old/wise ruler. Male English
Eldrick Old/wise ruler. Male English
Eldrid Wise advisor. Male Anglo
Eldridge Old/wise ruler. Male English
Eldridge Wise leader. Male German
Eldridge old counsel Male Old-English
Eldridge Battle counselor. Male Teutonic
Eldur From the elder tree. Male English
Eldwin Wise advisor. Male Anglo
Eldwin Old/wise ruler. Male English
Eldwin old friend Male Old-German
Eldwyn Courage. Male Anglo
Elead Witness of God Male Biblical
Elealeh Burnt-offering of God. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Eleazar Help of God; court of God Male Biblical
Eleazar God has helped Male Hebrew
Eleazaro a form of Eleazar Male Hebrew
Eledon Leader's hill. Male English
Eleftherios Free. Male Greek
Elek Defender of man. Male Greek
Elek helper and defender of mankind Male Hungarian
Elek Blond. Male Polish
Elemer Awe inspiring. Male Teutonic
Elenek Avid; eager. Male Hawaiian
Eleph Learning. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Elesh King Male Indian
Eleutherios Free. Male Greek
Eleyaraj King Male Indian
Eleyaraja N/A Male Indian
Elgan Bright Circle Male Indian
Elgan bright circle Male Welsh
Elgar Shining spear. Male Teutonic
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