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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Einri Intelligent. Male Teutonic -
Einwys Variant of Einion: Anvil. Male Welsh -
Eion Gift of God Male Irish -
Eirawat The Celestial White Elephant of Indra Male Indian -
Eirik Forever strong or eternal ruler. Male Norse -
Eisa A Prophets name (Jesus) Male Arabic -
Eisig he who laughs Male Hebrew -
Eistein Lucky. Male Norse -
Eitan a form of Ethan Male Hebrew -
Eitri A mythical dwarf. Male Norse -
Eitzaz N/A Male Indian -
Ejaz To do something which others cannot do Male Arabic -
Ejnar Warrior. Male Danish -
Ejnar Variant of Einar: Leader; fighter. Male Norse -
Eka Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ekaagra One-pointed; With One Attention Male Indian -
Ekaaksh One Eyed Male Indian -
Ekaaksha One Eyed; Shiva Male Indian -
Ekaakshara A Name for Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Ekaakshu N/A Male Indian -
Ekaant soliltary Male Assemese -
Ekaant soliltary Male Bengali -
Ekaant Solitary Male Indian -
Ekaanta Loneliness; Solitude; Seclusion Male Indian -
Ekaatma N/A Male Indian -
Ekaatmaa Oneself; Alone Male Indian -
Ekabandhu One Friend Male Indian -
Ekabhakta One who Worships a Single Deity Male Indian -
Ekacakra One Wheel; The Chariot of the Sun Male Indian -
Ekachakr Lord Nityanand's Birthplace Male Indian -
Ekachakra son of Kashyapa Male Hindu -
Ekachakra Son of Kashyapa Male Indian -
Ekachandra The Only Moon Male Indian -
Ekachit Possessing One's Mind; Complete Concentration; Calm; Reposed Male Indian -
Ekachith With One Mind Male Indian -
Ekachkra N/A Male Indian -
Ekacuda Single Crested Male Indian -
Ekada The First One; Giver of One Male Indian -
Ekadant Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Ekadanta Single-Tusked Lord Male Bengali -
Ekadanta Having One Tooth Male Indian -
Ekadeha With One Body Male Indian -
Ekadev The Only God; The Supreme Being Male Indian -
Ekadeva The Only God Male Indian -
Ekadrishta Single-tusked Lord Male Indian -
Ekadyu Supreme Sky Male Indian -
Ekagr Complete Concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable; Alert Male Indian -
Ekagra Concentration Male Indian -
Ekagrah Focused Male Assemese -
Ekagrah Focused Male Indian -
Ekahans The Only Swan; Soul Male Indian -
EkaiJinko Ocean of Wisdom; Wide Virtue Male Indian -
Ekaja N/A Male Indian -
Ekajata With a Single Twisted Lock of Hair Male Indian -
Ekajyotis The Sole Light; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Ekak Once; Alone Male Indian -
Ekakasa Focussed Male Indian -
Ekaksh One Eyed Male Indian -
Ekaksha Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Ekaksha Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Ekakshara Oneself; Alone Male Indian -
Ekala Solitary Male Indian -
Ekalavya A pupil of Dronaachaarya; Student of Guru Dronnachaarya Male Assemese -
Ekalavya A pupil of Dronaachaarya; Student of Guru Dronnachaarya Male Bengali -
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