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Popular Baby Names starting with G for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gregor Variant of Gregory: Watchful or vigilant. Male Greek -
Gregor A variant of Gregory, meaning 'on the watch', which gave rise to the name McGregor. Male Scottish -
Gregori On the watch. Male Russian -
Gregorie Vigilant. Male Greek -
Gregorio a variation of Greg Male Filipino -
Gregorio Italian form of Gregory 'watchful'. Male Italian -
Gregorio Watchful. Male Spanish -
Gregorior Vigilant. Male Greek -
Gregory On the watch. As the first of 16 Gregory popes Pope Gregory fostered the development of Gregorian chants. See also Greg. Gregorio: (ltalian/Spanish/Portuguese) 'On the watch.'. Male English -
Gregory Watchful. Famous bearer: American actor Gregory Peck, and Pope Gregory I who was also known as St Gregory the Great. Male Greek -
Gregory vigilant watch Male Latin Gergely, Grzegorz
Gregory 'The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet' Servant to Capulet. Male Shakespearean -
Gregos Watehful. Male Danish -
Gregos Vigilant. Male Greek -
Gregson Son of Greg. Surname. Male English -
Greguska Watchful. Male Czechoslovakian -
Greid Legendary son of Eri. Male Welsh -
Gremian Legend name. Male Anglo -
Gremio 'The Taming of the Shrew' A suitor to Bianca. Male Shakespearean -
Grendel Fierce bold. Male Anglo -
Grenjad Son of Hermund. Male Norse -
Grenville Variant of Granville: An English surname based on a French place name, meaning big town. Used both as surname and given name. Male English -
Grenville From the large town. Male French -
Gresham from the grazeland Male English Grisham
Gretel Pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret. Male German -
Grey Gray-haired. Male English -
Grey 'King Henry V' Sir Thomas Grey, conspirator against the King. 'King Richard III' Lord Grey, son of Edward's Queen. Male Shakespearean -
Greyfell Sigurd's horse. Male Norse -
Greyson Gray-haired: son of the Gray family; son of Gregory. Male English -
Grhapati Lord of the House Male Indian -
Grhini N/A Male Indian -
Grhita Accepted Male Indian -
Grht N/A Male Indian -
Gridha N/A Male Indian -
Griff Fighting chief; fierce. The fierce Gryphon of Greek mythology and medieval legend was a creature with foreparts of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion. Male Welsh -
Griffen Fighting chief; fierce. The fierce Gryphon of Greek mythology and medieval legend was a creature with foreparts of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion. Note: This Database is Copyright 2000, Muse Creations Inc. Male Welsh -
Griffeth Red haired. Male Welsh -
Griffin Red or ruddy Male Irish -
Griffin Strong in faith. Male Welsh -
Griffith A murderer. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Griffith Griffin lord Male Filipino -
Griffith 'King Henry the Eighth' Entleman-usher to Queen Katharine. Male Shakespearean -
Griffith fierce chief; ruddy Male Welsh Griff, Griffie
Griffyth A murderer. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Griflet Returns Excalibur to the lake. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Grigor Vigilant. Male Greek -
Grigor On the watch. Male Russian -
Grigor On the watch. Male Welsh -
Grigori Watchful. Male Russian -
Grigorii Watchful. Male Russian -
Grigorov Vigilant. Male Greek -
Grihith Understood; Accepted Male Indian -
Grim Son of Njal. Male Norse -
Grimbold Fierce. Male Anglo -
Grimkel Son of Ulf. Male Norse -
Grimm Fierce. Male Anglo -
Grimme Fierce Male Anglo -
Grindan Sharp Male Anglo -
Gringalet Gawain's horse. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gringolet Gawain's horse. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Grioghar Vigilant watchman Male Irish -
Griorgair Vigilant. Male Scottish -
Gris A man freed by Skallagrim. Male Norse -
Grisha Watchful. Male Russian -
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