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Popular Baby Names starting with G for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Grisham From the grazing. Male English -
Grishm Heat Male Bengali -
Grishm Heat Male Indian -
Griswald From the gray forest. Male German -
Griswald From the gray forest. Male Teutonic -
Griswold From the gray forest. Male German -
Gritav Thankful Male Indian -
Gritik Mountain Male Indian -
Groffudd Strong warrior, lord. Male Welsh -
Groot Large. Male Dutch -
Grosvenor Great hunter. Male French -
Grover Grove dweller. Used as both surname and given name. Famous bearer: American president Grover Cleveland. Male English -
Grsamada N/A Male Indian -
Gruddieu Mythical son of Muriuel. Male Celtic -
Gruddyeu Legendary son of Muryel. Male Welsh -
Gruev Vigilant. Male Greek -
Gruffen Fierce lord. Male Welsh -
Gruffin Fierce lord. Male Welsh -
Gruffudd Red haired. Male Welsh -
Gruffyn Fierce lord. Male Welsh -
Grufydd Red haired. Male Welsh -
Gruheeta N/A Male Indian -
Gruhit N/A Male Indian -
Grumio 'The Taming of the Shrew' A servant to Petruchio. Male Shakespearean -
Grumk N/A Male Indian -
Gryfflet Killed by Lancelot. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gryphin Strong in faith. Male Welsh -
Gryphon Fighting chief; fierce. The fierce Gryphon of Greek mythology and medieval legend was a creature with foreparts of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion. Male Welsh -
Gualterio Spanish form of Walter 'strong warrior'. Male Spanish -
Gualtiero Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'. Male Italian -
Gualtiero Powerful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Guang light Male Chinese -
Guangli making propriety bright Male Chinese -
Guda goodnessor excellence Male Arabic -
Gudakesa The Archer Arjuna Male Indian -
Gudakesha The Archer Arjuna Male Assemese -
Gudakesha The Archer Arjuna Male Indian -
Gudbrand Weapon of the gods. Male Norse -
Gudbrande Weapon of the gods. Male Norse -
Guddu Sweet Male Indian -
Gudgodah Happiness. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gudlaug Son of Asbjorn. Male Norse -
Gudmund A chieftain. Male Norse -
Guebers Followers of Ancient Persian Religion Male Indian -
Guebers Followers of ancient Persian religion. Male Persian -
Guerehes Brother of Gawain. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Guffd Serpent God Male Indian -
Guggul Fragrant Male Indian -
Guglielmo Resolute protector. Male Italian -
Guglilmo Resolute guardian. Male Teutonic -
Gugu Sweet Male Indian -
Guha Secret One Male Indian -
Guhamaya Secret Power; Secret Illusion Male Indian -
Guhan Name of Lord Muruga Male Indian -
Guhya Confidential Subject Male Indian -
Gui honored; noble Male Chinese -
Guiderius 'Cymbeline' Son to Cymbeline, disguised under the name of Polydore, a supposed son to Belarius. Male Shakespearean -
Guido A Middle Ages variant of Guy. Male English -
Guido Variant of Wido: An Old German name meaning wood. Male German -
Guido Guide. Male Italian -
Guido Guide. Male Spanish -
Guifford Chubby cheeks. Male French -
Guilbert Trusted. Male English -
Guildenstern 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' A courtier. Osric Male Shakespearean -
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