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Popular Baby Names starting with G for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Guildford 'King Henry IV, 1 & 2' King. Also Hal, king's son and Prince of Wales, who becomes Henry V. 'King Henry VI, III' King Henry VI. Also Henry, Earl of Richmond, a youth. 'King Henry VIII' King Henry. Also Sir Henry Guildford. Male Shakespearean -
Guilerme Resolute fighter. Male Teutonic -
Guilio Young. Male Greek -
Guillame Resolute fighter. Male Teutonic -
Guillaume The French form of the name William, meaning resolute protector.. Male French -
Guillermo strong willed warrior Male Filipino -
Guillermo Variant of William 'Resolute protector.'. Male Spanish -
Guin Blond. Male Gaelic -
Guiomar Possibly derived from a Germanic name meaning "famous in battle". In some versions of Arthurian Legend he was the cousin of Guinevere. After becoming a lover of Morgan le Fey he was banished. Male Spanish -
Guirdeep Light of the Teacher Male Indian -
Guiren valuing benevolence Male Chinese -
Guivret A dwarf king. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gujyaka N/A Male Indian -
Gul Flower Male Arabic -
Gul Flower Male Bengali -
Gul Male Hindu -
Gul Flower Male Indian -
Gulab Rose-Water . Male Afghan -
Gulab Rose Male Arabic -
Gulab Male Hindu -
Gulab Rose Male Indian -
Gulab Rose Male Muslim -
Gulabrai Similar to Gulab Male Indian -
Gulal Colour Red Male Indian -
Gulam Slave; Servant Male Indian -
Gulfam Rose faced Male Arabic -
Gulfam The Colour Male Assemese -
Gulfam The Colour Male Indian -
Gulfam Rose faced Male Muslim -
Gullinbursti The boar ridden by Freyr. Male Norse -
Gulliver glutton Male Filipino -
Gulloo Flower Male Indian -
Gulltopp The horse of Heimdall. Male Norse -
Gulsan A flower garden Male Bengali -
Gulsan A Flower Garden Male Indian -
GulShan Flower-Garden Male Afghan -
Gulshan A flowerGarden Male Arabic -
Gulshan Garden of Flowers Male Indian -
Gulshan A flower Garden Male Muslim -
Gulu N/A Male Indian -
Gulwant Beautiful Like Flowers Male Indian -
Gulyani N/A Male Indian -
Gulyar Flower's friend . Male Afghan -
Gulzar Rose-Garden. Male Afghan -
Gulzar A Garden, an inhabited town, flourishing Male Arabic -
Gulzar A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town Male Assemese -
Gulzar Gardener Male Indian -
Gulzar A Garden, an inhabited town Male Muslim -
Gulzara Colour Red Male Indian -
Gulzarilal Name of Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Gummadi Princess Male Indian -
Gumwant Virtuous Male Indian -
Guna Bestowed with Qualities Male Indian -
Gunaakar an ancient King Male Bengali -
Gunaakar An Ancient King Male Indian -
Gunadhar Bearer of Attributes Male Indian -
Gunadhya Rich in Virtues Male Indian -
Gunagya Knower Of Virtues Male Assemese -
Gunagya Knower of Virtues Male Indian -
Gunaja Virtuous Maiden Male Indian -
Gunakar An Ancient King Male Bengali -
Gunakar An Ancient King Male Indian -
Gunakara Mine of Virtues Male Indian -
Gunaketu Flag of Virtue Male Indian -
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