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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yugal Pair Male Indian -
Yugan Murugan Male Indian -
Yugandhara Strongest of his Time Male Indian -
Yugank End of an Era Male Indian -
Yugant The End of an Era Male Indian -
Yugantar Firm in Battle Male Indian -
Yugap Best of the Era Male Indian -
Yugesh King of All Era Male Indian -
Yugma Twins; Zodiac Sign of Gemini Male Indian -
Yuhannis The name of a freed salve of Zubair in power and influence, a Prophets name Male Arabic -
Yuhannis The name of a freed salve of Zubair Male Muslim -
Yuji courageous second son Male Japanese -
Yujya Proper; Capable Male Indian -
Yuki happiness; snow Male Japanese -
Yukio gets what he wants Male Filipino -
Yukio Gets What He Wants; God Will Nourish Male Indian -
Yukio gets what he wants, God will nourish Male Japanese -
Yukta Attentive; Skillful Male Indian -
Yul Born at Christmas. Male English -
Yul from the far horizon Male Mongolian -
Yule Born at Christmas. Male English -
Yuli Youthful. Male Basque -
Yuma son of the chief Male Filipino -
Yuma son of the chief Male Native-American -
Yunus A Prophet Name Male Muslim -
Yunus, Yoonus A Prophets name (Jonah) Male Muslim -
Yunxu cloudy emptiness Male Chinese -
Yura Farmer. Male Greek -
Yura Farmer. Male Russian -
Yure Farmer. Male Greek -
Yure Farmer. Male Ukrainian -
Yuri farmer Male Filipino -
Yuri Farmer. Male Greek -
Yuri Variant of George. Male Russian -
Yurii Farmer. Male Greek -
Yurii Farmer. Male Russian -
Yurik Farmer. Male Russian -
Yurochka Farmer. Male Greek -
Yurochka Farmer. Male Russian -
Yusef (Joseph) Male Arabic -
Yusef God shall multiply Male Hebrew -
Yush N/A Male Indian -
Yushan Mountain Male Bengali -
Yushan Mountain Male Indian -
Yusheng jade birth Male Chinese -
Yushua God saves Male Arabic -
Yushua God Rescues Male Indian -
Yushua God saves Male Muslim -
Yusr Ease Convenience Male Arabic -
Yusr Ease, Convenience Male Muslim -
Yusri Well to do, wealthy Male Arabic -
Yusri Comfort Male Muslim -
Yusuf Form of JOSEPH - God shall add Male Muslim -
Yutajit Victorious Male Indian -
Yutaka Male Japanese -
Yuthakon warrior Male Thai -
Yuthiraj N/A Male Indian -
Yutish N/A Male Indian -
Yuudai great hero Male Japanese -
Yuva Youth Male Indian -
Yuvakumar Young Boy Male Indian -
Yuval Brook Male Assemese -
Yuval brook Male Filipino -
Yuval Rejoicing Male Hebrew -
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