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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yogaj Arising from Meditation Male Indian -
Yogamay Power of Yoga Male Indian -
Yoganand Delighted With Meditation Male Assemese -
Yoganand Delighted With Meditation Male Bengali -
Yoganand Delighted with Meditation Male Indian -
Yoganath N/A Male Indian -
Yoganidra Meditation Male Indian -
Yogapara N/A Male Indian -
Yogaraj Lord of Meditation Male Indian -
Yogaraja King of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogas Deep Meditation Male Indian -
Yogee Pure Male Indian -
Yogen Master of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogendra Male Hindu -
Yogendra God of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogesa Lord of Yoga Male Indian -
Yogesh God Of Yoga Male Assemese -
Yogesh Male Hindu -
Yogesh God of Yoga; Source of Knowledge; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yogeshwar Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Yogeshwara Lord of Yogis Male Indian -
Yogeshwaran Loose Male Indian -
Yogesvara God; Object of Worship Male Indian -
Yogi Devotee Male Bengali -
Yogi Devotee Male Indian -
Yogi one of the yoga practice Male Japanese -
Yogin One who Practices Yoga Male Indian -
Yoginampati Lord of the Yogis Male Indian -
Yoginder God of Yoga; Another name for Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Yoginder God of Yoga; Another Name for Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yogine Saint; A Name for Lord Hanuman Male Indian -
Yogini Lover of Yogas; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Yogiraj Great Ascetic, Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Yogiraj Great Ascetic; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yogisa Master of Yoga Practitioners Male Indian -
Yogish Male Hindu -
Yogish N/A Male Indian -
Yogisha Master of Yoga Practitioners Male Indian -
Yogit Planner Male Indian -
Yograj Yoga King Male Indian -
Yoichi masculine first (son) Male Japanese -
Yojit Planner Male Assemese -
Yojit Planner Male Indian -
Yokanathan Devotee Male Indian -
Yoko Good; Positive Male Indian -
Yoman Retainer. Male English -
Yon lotus blossom Male Korean -
Yonah a form of Jonah Male Hebrew -
Yonas Dove Male African -
Yonatan Given by God Male Hebrew -
Yong brave Male Chinese -
Yong brave or perpetual Male Korean -
Yong-sun dragon in first position Male Korean -
Yongnian eternal years Male Chinese -
Yongrui forever lucky Male Chinese -
Yonis a form of Yonus Male Hebrew -
Yonos / Yones / Younos Jonah, A prophet. Male Afghan -
Yonus dove Male Hebrew -
Yoonus Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yooseph N/A Male Indian -
Yooseph Male Unknown -
Yoosuf Prophets Name Male Indian -
Yoram God is high Male Hebrew -
Yorath Worthy lord. Male Welsh -
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