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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yashodhar Famous Male Indian -
Yashodhara One who has Achieved Fame Male Indian -
Yashomitra Lord of Fame Male Indian -
Yashovar Famous; Glorious Male Indian -
Yashovarman Male Hindu -
Yashovarman Rich in Fame Male Indian -
Yashovat Possessing Glory and Fame Male Indian -
Yashpal Successful Male Bengali -
Yashpal Male Hindu -
Yashpal Protector of Fame Male Indian -
Yashraj King of Fame Male Indian -
Yashvanth A Person who Attains Fame and Glory Male Indian -
Yashvasin The Popular. Lord Ganesha Male Assemese -
Yashvasin The Popular; Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Yashveer Glorious and Brave Male Indian -
Yashvi Fame Male Indian -
Yashvin Winner of Fame Male Indian -
Yashvir Brave and Glorious Male Indian -
Yashwant One who has Achieved Glory Male Indian -
Yashwanth Always Famous Male Indian -
Yasin Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Male Arabic -
Yasin Rich; Protector of Fame Male Indian -
Yasin A chapter of the Koran Male Muslim -
Yasin / Yaseen The opening letters of the first verse of surat Ya Sin (36:1). Male Afghan -
Yasin, Yaseen The two opening letters of Surah 36 in the Quran; one of the Prophets names Male Muslim -
Yasinthan Gods Name Male Indian -
Yasir to be rich, to be easy Male Arabic -
Yasir Wealthy Male Indian -
Yasir Prosperous Male Muslim -
Yasirah N/A Male Indian -
Yasnil Shiv Male Indian -
Yasodhana Famous for his Wealth Male Indian -
Yasodhara Maintaining Victory Male Indian -
Yasoob King of Honey Male Arabic -
Yassat One who has Achieved Glory Male Indian -
Yasser Wealth, ease Male Arabic -
Yasti slim Male Bengali -
Yasti Slim Male Indian -
Yasuo peaceful one Male Filipino -
Yasuo Peaceful One Male Indian -
Yasuo peaceful one Male Japanese -
Yatan Devotee Male Indian -
Yateen Male Hindu -
Yateen Ascetic Male Indian -
Yateendra N/A Male Indian -
Yatendra Indra Male Indian -
Yates Lives by the gates. Male English -
Yates Lives by the Gates Male Indian -
Yates gate keeper Male Middle-English -
Yatesh Lord of Devotees Male Indian -
Yatesha N/A Male Indian -
Yatharth Complete; Truth Male Indian -
Yathavan Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yatheesh Gates Male Indian -
Yathi One who Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose; One who Makes the People Obtain the Divine Wisdom by Reducing the Ignorance Male Indian -
Yathish Leader of the Devoted Male Indian -
Yathra Sacred Journey Male Indian -
Yathrib Former name of the city of Madinnah. Male Arabic -
Yathrib Former name of the city of Madinnah Male Muslim -
Yati Devoted; Ascetic Male Indian -
Yatin Ascetic Male Assemese -
Yatin Ascetic Male Bengali -
Yatin Ascetic Male Indian -
Yatinatha Master of the Devoted Male Indian -
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