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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yakshith God Male Indian -
Yakshpati N/A Male Indian -
Yakshraj N/A Male Indian -
Yale From the slope land. Male English -
Yale one who pays or produces, corner of land Male German, Old-English Yael
Yale Heights; upland. Male Welsh -
Yalman N/A Male Indian -
Yalmaz sahabi name Male Arabic -
Yama The lord of death in Hinduism - first recorded in the Vedas. Yama belongs to an early stratum of Indo-Iranian theology. Male Afghan -
Yama The God of Death; Also the Five Moral Commandments Male Indian -
Yamadoot N/A Male Indian -
Yamahil Another Name Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yamaj Twin Born Male Indian -
Yamajit Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Yamajit Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yamajith Another Name for Shiva Male Indian -
Yamakil Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yamal on of a twin Male Filipino -
Yamal Twin Male Indian -
Yamala Twin Male Indian -
Yaman Good tidings Male Arabic -
Yaman Proper Name Male Indian -
Yaman Good tidings Male Muslim -
Yamaraj King of Death Male Indian -
Yamaraja God of Death Male Indian -
Yameen Oath right hand right wing (of the army) Male Arabic -
Yameen Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army) Male Muslim -
Yamesa Having Yama as King Male Indian -
Yamha Dove Male Indian -
Yami People Male Indian -
Yaminichandra Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yamir Moon Male Indian -
Yamit To Check; To Restrain Male Indian -
Yamula N/A Male Indian -
Yamura N/A Male Indian -
Yamya Night Male Indian -
Yan God's grace Male Hebrew Yann, Yannic, Yanni
Yanamala Good Male Indian -
Yanchit Glorified Male Indian -
Yancy Created Name Male Indian -
Yancy yankee Male Native-American Yank
Yang model; pattern Male Chinese -
Yania N/A Male Indian -
Yanis God's gift Male Hebrew Yannis
Yanisin Ashamed (Navajo). Male Native-American -
Yanlin Beijing forest Male Chinese -
Yanni Form of Yannis; Gift of God; The Lord is Gracious; Moon Male Indian -
Yanni, Yannis God is gracious Male Filipino -
Yannick Male French Yannig, Vann
Yannis Gift of God; The Lord is Gracious Male Indian -
Yanny N/A Male Indian -
Yansh Name of a God Male Indian -
Yantar Equipment; Tool Male Indian -
Yanton a form of Johnathon Male Hebrew -
Yantri Rule; Guide Male Indian -
Yantur Guide; Ruler Male Indian -
Yaochuan honoring the river Male Chinese -
Yaozu honoring the ancestors Male Chinese -
Yaphet Handsome Male Hebrew -
Yaqeen Belief. Male Arabic -
Yaqeen Belief Male Muslim -
Yaqoob / Yaqoub A Prophet, the biblical Jacob. Son of Isac Male Afghan -
Yaqoot Precious stone. Male Arabic -
Yaqoot Precious stone Male Muslim -
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